How to fly a drone in windy conditions

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

If you are planning to fly your drone, there are different factors that you must keep in mind in which wind remains the most crucial determinant of whether you should go for a flight or not. There are few tips to consider while flying your drone in windy conditions:

Be cautious

Instead of painfully watching your drones drifting away under the influence of strong gusting wind and losing your control over the operator, it is best to stay cautious and wait for a peaceful day, until the thrashing effect of wind is minimized. Even the expensive drones have been found wrecked under the influence of strong headwind, so patience is a key virtue.

Understanding the limitations and conditions

Each drone comes up with different specifications, so knowing the capabilities of your equipment will provide you a great lead. You must understand the limits and the conditions of your quadcopter which is essential for operating, because without understanding the specifications of your UAV, the likelihood of unexpected tragedy is more obvious. For example, if you are familiar with the maximum wind speed your drone can manage to tackle, you can avoid accidents. For example nano drones are more suitable for indoor use versus other drones.

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Battery power

Flying in windy conditions entails a lot of practice, efforts, and a set of good back up batteries. Wind can enormously affect your normal drone’s flight. As your quadcopter goes higher up, the wind pressure increases and your drone will need to fight the powerful wind, it will cause rapid depletion of the battery, so keep in mind to fully charge it before taking a flight.

Wind direction

Wind direction is also an important factor, so before the flight, get an idea of in which direction wind is moving. If you try to fly your drone against the wind, it will need much power and battery. You can use an anemometer for measuring the wind speed and direction.

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Air temperature

Air pressure varies greatly with temperature conditions. The denser air is more suitable for flight as it will provide enough lift to carry out the flying. The battery will also stay longer on cold days as compared to hot days. Your quadcopter will need many efforts to spin the propeller at high altitudes because air is less dense up in the clouds.

Fly within your range

If you are flying in windy conditions, to alleviate the risks it is best to fly your UAV within range and avoid buildings or crowded areas. Stay close, so in any case, if you lost control of your drone, you could get a hold of it again. Prefer flying the drone in open space, where you can easily see it even from a distance.