Some Important Factors about Cosmetic Boxes 

Rohan Mathew

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The demand for custom printed boxes in the cosmetic industry has increased since 2015. The annual increase in the graph is about 8% of overall cosmetic products. Custom cosmetic boxes provide an ultimate cost-effective solution for cosmetic retailers and manufacturers. The custom product packaging also grabs the attention of the customer to the respective cosmetic product like lipsticks, lip balm, eyelashes, etc. Lip balm is the second largest selling cosmetic product after lipstick. So, a good, attractive and unique cosmetic packaging creates a unique appealing effect that attracts customers to purchase specific cosmetic products as compared to their counterparts. To check out various designs of cosmetic boxes, you can visit

Small startups or entrepreneurs always go to the custom product packaging solution to introduce their brand. There are numerous benefits of having custom lip balm and lipstick packaging to promote your business. People often are not aware of the benefits of adopting custom printed boxes for their cosmetic packaging solutions. Here in this article we have discussed some of them so stay tuned. 

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Why Custom Boxes are Necessary for Cosmetic Packaging? 

Unique Identity

The first and the foremost benefit of having the custom lipstick and lip-balm boxes is, you can create a separate brand identity as compared to your competitors. Best quality and unique custom made cosmetic boxes help you to build a strong, appealing, and captivating custom packaging that can stand out.

 For instance, if you have adopted bright pink or red as your brand’s primary color that will for sure look prominent on the store’s shelf with other competitors. Moreover, a good quality packaging company can help you to build your desired and best competitive product packaging that creates a unique identity in the competitive cosmetic industry. 

Source to provide product details

The other benefit of having the custom made cosmetic boxes is, you can give some important and key product information to the user to build a good understanding of the product quality.  The information like ingredients, precautions, instructions, brand slogan, product weight, and much more. 

Cosmetic products are directly in connection with your sensitive face/skin. So, it is better to know what ingredients are blended to make than cosmetic products. Custom printed boxes are the best source to educate the people about the products do and don’ts. 

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Various Types of Custom Boxes for Lip Balm and Lipstick 

There are plenty of custom box styles that can be utilized to pack lipstick and lip balm. Lipsticks and lip-balms are two hot-selling products as mentioned above, along with that women carry these products into their handbags so they can use them anytime they want. 

Therefore manufacturers always try to adopt an easy and friendly packaging style. Following we have discussed two types of packaging styles that are most frequently used to package the lipsticks and lip-balms.  

Tuck end Boxes

Tuck end boxes are the most adopted packaging style to pack lipsticks and lip-balms. Basically, it allows the user to open and close the packaging quite comfortably. There are two types of basic tuck-end packaging styles. One is straight tuck end and the other one is reverse tuck end box style.  Both of them are pretty identical and user-friendly too. 

Sleeve Boxes

The other most relevant option is the sleeve box packaging style. This packaging style is a bit more rigid than the tuck-end style due to the double layer walls of the sleeve and the tray. So this packaging provides an ultimate cousin to your product from damage. The sleeve packaging style is the most usable style to pack lip-balms because of the additional product safety layer. They can be used for multiple purposes and is a famous style in the USA too.  


To conclude, we have tried our best to give you detailed knowledge about why custom boxes are necessary to promote your brand. I hope after reading this article you will know the answers to your questions regarding the importance of personalized packaging for cosmetic products.