How to Furnish Your Home With Clear Console Tables

Rohan Mathew

How to Furnish Your Home With Clear Console Tables

Traditionally, console tables are made from wood. But if you’re paying enough attention, you’ll notice an increase in the use of a variation of plastic called acrylic by giant companies to create marvelous pieces that are transparent and crystalline.

You can expect to find a clear console table in plastic furniture selling markets around you, and no doubt, more and more homeowners are redecorating their houses with these beautiful pieces. We’ve put together this piece on furnishing your home with clear console tables, read to the end to see how to achieve that.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic (also known as lucite, perspex, or plexiglass) is a variation of plastic useful for manufacturing solid and beautiful pieces of furniture. Lucite is well-known for its sturdiness, malleability, and notably, its transparency.

The Properties of Acrylic

Acrylic has several interesting properties that make it a wonderful material for furniture making, including:

  • Malleability

Acrylic is well-known for its malleability when heated. This material can easily be molded into different shapes, sizes, and design patterns when heated appropriately. 

The malleability of acrylic makes it possible for furniture made from these materials to come in various beautiful shapes and designs.

  • Transparency

Another outstanding feature of acrylic in furniture making is the transparent nature of the material. Perspex furniture is notably see-through, hence most people assume they’re made of glass.

  • Denseness

As aforementioned, acrylic is incredibly transparent, like glass, and it’s easy to mistake acrylic furniture for glass. But in fact, lucite materials are far sturdier and less brittle than glass. Perspex furniture doesn’t break easily, although it may scratch when rough-handled.

  • Easy to Clean

Seeing dirt on your furniture is an eyesore, and cleaning is sometimes a chore depending on the type of dirt and the material your furniture is made of. With acrylic, cleaning is simpler because unlike wood and most other materials, all you need to do is wipe off stains with a soft wet cloth. It’s that easy, and as a bonus, this furniture doesn’t stain easily.

Acrylic Material for Console Tables

Console tables are remarkable pieces of furniture popular for their narrow appearances, decorative properties, and usefulness in providing extra storage room in homes. These tables are sturdy and are mostly made from wood. 

Most furniture companies turn to acrylic to create marvelous pieces, and nowadays, it’s not uncommon to come across acrylic console tables.

There’s no comparison between a clear console table and plastic furniture pieces. Although made from plastic, lucite pieces are unsurprisingly more beautiful and possess a rock-like sturdiness. 

Why Should You Purchase Acrylic Console Tables?

The presence of acrylic materials has proven invaluable for furniture companies looking to manufacture fantastic pieces. Because of the malleability of acrylic, lucite console tables come in a plethora of designs, colors, and shapes. Thus adding to the beauty console tables already possess. 

Furthermore, console tables are known for not occupying sizable portions of space in a room, and as we previously mentioned, acrylic is transparent. So, a narrow acrylic console table will appear invisible in the room, giving the place a spacious feel.

Albeit not all acrylic furniture is transparent. Several lucite furniture pieces come in various colors and are often translucent.

Also, the easy-to-clean nature of acrylics makes dirt removal less of a chore.

These fascinating features of acrylic console tables make them fantastic pieces of furniture you can use to adorn your home. You can easily purchase lucite console tables by visiting

How to Get the Most Out of Your Acrylic Console Tables at Home

The following are ways you can style your home with lucite console tables:

  • Living Room

There are numerous ways to use your console tables in the living room. An acrylic console table with drawers easily serves as the perfect home office. You can use the table to keep office supplies while storing smaller items like pens, notepads, and stamps in the drawers.

Also, consider using a lucite console as a bar table, where you arrange drinks and wine glasses for easy access. Furthermore, these exquisite tables are suitable for a sofa table. You can keep remote controls, keys, drinks, etcetera, on top of these perspex tables for easy reach.

These multipurpose tables also serve as a TV stand, especially when there’s no room to accommodate a large TV stand.

  • Bedroom

For your bedroom, it’s possible to turn a small acrylic console table into the perfect dressing table to hold your perfumes, body care products, etcetera. Combining both a clear console table and plastic chairs or stools will result in your very own vanity.

  • Hallways

It’s a fantastic idea to use a narrow acrylic console table if your hallway is accommodating. If you’re short of space, you should go for a  console table you can fasten above the ground to the wall. This way, you have storage space for items, while also leaving room on the floor to avoid infringing movement. This application is necessary because hallways are usually not spacious.

  • Dining Rooms

It’s not uncommon to find a console table beside a dining table. These tables are often available to place objects not needed on the dining table.

Entertaining guests in your dining room? Use your lucite console table as a temporary bar. If you’re looking to buy a perspex console for your dining room, you should consider getting one with drawers to accommodate and store cutlery.

How to Care for Your Acrylic Console Tables

We’ve established that acrylic pieces of furniture are sturdy. But with improper care, these sturdy pieces will lose their vitality.

A few tips to help you take proper care of your lucite consoles include:

  • Certain chemicals damage acrylic surfaces and cause crazing. So it’s advisable to avoid using chemicals when cleaning your acrylic console tables. 
  • When cleaning your acrylic furniture, ensure you use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth because acrylic tends to scratch easily.
  • Handle sharp objects carefully when close to these lucite console tables, because these objects easily damage the surfaces of your furniture.
  • While acrylics don’t shatter easily like glass, avoid putting extremely hot objects on your console tables to prevent them from melting.


Acrylic console tables are certainly a good choice if you’re looking to add an exquisite touch to your home through furniture.

These tables are useful for creating extra storage space in your homes, and they’re also decorative and classy. Furthermore, they’re sturdy and last long.

You must take measures to care for your lucite console tables to ensure they remain beautiful while lasting a long time.