Maintaining Heavy Construction Equipment

Rohan Mathew

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Maintaining Heavy Construction Equipment

Do you work with heavy equipment? Well, you need to use these tips to ensure top-notch maintenance. 

  1. Maintain Operational Records 

If you own any heavy equipment, the most important aspect of maintenance is keeping accurate and complete records as well as servicing checklists. You need to outline the protocols that should be followed when servicing every machinery, especially those used for construction. You should also track repairs and inspections to help preserve the working life of vehicles, especially in heavy equipment fleets. If there are changes in staffing, the new employees will have an idea of which items need maintenance. 

  1. Regular Cleaning 

If you want to maintain and preserve the heavy equipment you own, you need to have a regular cleaning routine. When in operation, these heavy machinery are likely to face adverse environmental conditions. Whether it’s muddy terrain, dust storms or pounding rain, these elements will ruin your construction machinery. When you schedule frequent cleaning for these machines, you should be able to keep track of the various items. You will also improve the overall appearance of the heavy equipment effortlessly. Get everything you need to keep your equipment in good working order at

  1. Record Fluid Levels 

You should establish written guidelines to ensure that all fluids are filled accordingly. Note that, not all heavy equipment uses fluids extensively such as wiper fluids, windshield fluid or antifreeze, but some machines rely on these fluids. Ensuring periodic refills allows maintenance personnel to identify any operational problems early enough.

  1. Regular Lubrication 

Automobile engines benefit from regular oiling and greasing. As such, heavy equipment used in construction requires periodic maintenance. It’s prudent to follow manufacturer guidelines to preserve the equipment and extend its lifetime. It’s important to keep documentation that details the important maintenance issues to make sure the construction equipment is up and running at all times. 

  1. Protect Electrical Wiring 

It’s important to pay attention to electrical wiring on the heavy construction equipment to prevent exposure to elements. You can cover the machines with a secure and protective tarp. Even better, you can shelter the equipment under a covering to prevent any wear and tear on the electrical parts. Melting ice, rainwater and snow can leak inside the machines during field operations. As such, without proper protection, this exposure will dramatically reduce the lifetime and overall productivity of the equipment. 

  1. Check Tire And Axle Condition 

A lot of heavy machine manufacturers ensure durable mobility options for these machines. However, you need to constantly inspect the parts of the machines in contact with the ground periodically. Debris such as mud or loose gravel may lodge itself in various locations. You need to remove the material often to improve the overall functioning of the machine. You should also check the tread, the axles, trailer tires and the dump truck to avoid further issues in the field.