How to Grow a YouTube Channel for Online Course 

Albert Howard

How to Grow a YouTube Channel for Online Course 

With the advancements in science and technology, online courses are growing rapidly. Every day a new course is being launched by online educators. In this online education competition, for professional and financial success, making a youtube channel for the online course is quite beneficial. YouTube is a widely used social media application all across the globe.

 For effective online course promotion, marketing, sales, and additional income, YouTube helps online course creators in many ways. However, growing the YouTube channel can be challenging. Let us discuss some effective tips that teachers can follow to grow their YouTube channel, get more views on the videos, and increase subscribers respectively. 

How to grow a youtube channel for an online course 

The growth of the YouTube channel includes the below-mentioned two points 

  • To get more views on the video uploads and reach out to more learners 
  • Increase in the number of subscribers 

Let us discuss some tips that educators can follow to accomplish this. 

Steps to follow 

  1. SEO: optimization of the YouTube channel

To make YouTube understand your content and help it to reach its target audience, search engine optimization is very important. It helps in getting more views, YouTube ranks, and the growth of the channel. If you want to get a maximum number of viewers on your channel, go for this step. The process is simple. You can research this topic and get your channel optimized. Search well and add the keywords you want to rank for. Here we are talking about online education courses so make sure you select the right keywords related to e-learning etc to reach the target audience. 

  1. Share YouTube videos and links on other social media accounts

Another way to grow the YouTube channel is by sharing the videos on other social media applications. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook are widely used social media platforms by people all across the globe. After making a video for your YouTube channel, you can add its link to your WhatsApp story, Facebook story, and Instagram story too. 

When your followers open the link, they will reach your YouTube channel. Watching the videos, and finding the content relevant and engaging will make them subscribe to your channel.  You can add the official video teaser to other social media accounts too. This way they will be regularly connected with your content. For effective online course selling and YouTube channel growth, this tip will surely help. 

  1. Be regular with community posts

Community post is another feature offered by YouTube that creators can follow to stay more connected with their audience. It is different from the video upload. On a community post, you can share text messages, polls, pictures, etc. Uploading videos takes time. Till the time your video-making process is going on, you can stay connected with the audience via a community post. 

You can post here the date, timings, or reminders of the next upload. Or you can conduct a poll to take feedback or suggestions on your next video topic. You can upload images and texts of the latest online course offers, discounts, etc. This will make sure to get more viewers and maintain a proper engagement rate. 

  1. Catchy video titles, engaging content, and attractive thumbnails

To get more views on your YouTube videos make sure to write catchy titles. Keep them short and crisp. Include simple, understandable,e and eye-catching terms. Also, make sure to select the video topics that are helpful and most in demand. Make videos on your online course admissions by adding fee discounts and offers in the title. 

A thumbnail is a short representation in a form of an image that helps viewers to get a quick idea about what is included in your video. Make attractive thumbnails for your videos. Add your online course logo, main keywords, and relevant images to make an effective thumbnail. 

  1. Ask to subscribe

Last but not least, ask your viewers to subscribe to the channel. This step will help in selling courses better, getting more admissions, and earning more on the YouTube platform too.  Before ending the video, ask the viewers or request them to subscribe to your channel. Tell them that you will continue to improve, and create effective content for their learners. 


With the growing technology, online education platforms are also increasing at a faster rate. For better online course promotion and generating more income via social media too, making a youtube channel for the online course helps. By following the above-mentioned steps, online course creators can grow their YouTube channels effectively.