Ways to Crack CAT Exams with Self-Preparation

Albert Howard

Ways to Crack CAT Exams with Self-Preparation

There are lots of candidates who appear for different entrance exams every year. Some appear for JEE, SCC, NEET, UPSC, etc. The students who wish to get admission in graduate management programs appear for the CAT exam out of many entrance exams. CAT stands for Common Admission Test. Cracking the CAT is not a difficult task, but all you need to do is the smart study by managing all the subjects equally, just like the learning management system handles all the tasks and processes in online classes.

Know your exam

In the CAT examination, the question paper is divided into four parts: Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning. Understanding your exam means thoroughly analyzing your exam pattern through the various modules to know the exam’s exact syllabus and the chapters from all four sections. Note down the weightage of each chapter; this will help you prepare for the exams very well. 

Right Study Material

While preparing for the CAT examination, you must study hard, and what’s better than the suitable study material. It would help if you always did proper research while choosing the suitable study material for yourself because your entire preparation depends on your study material. If the study material you choose is good, it will help you better prepare by giving you the correct information. It will help you to understand your strength as well as weakness. But if the study material is unsuitable, it will hamper your preparation. 

Online Mock Tests

Students preparing for the CAT examination must appear for the mock test to help them analyze their preparation. Nowadays, several online and offline coaching classes conduct mock tests every two weeks or one month. You are advised to appear for the mock test as often as possible. Mock tests help you enhance your performance, give you the idea of how a question is being asked, strengthen your thinking skills, etc. All you need to do is take the mock test seriously and notice all your mistakes. Please write down the areas that seem hard or the areas in which you are weak, and then try to improve them. 

Study Group

If you have a group of friends, utilize your friendship very well. Instead of wasting time roaming here and there with your friends, try to include your friends in your studies. Make them a part of your study. When you study alone, you might come across a point where some points are unclear. But! When you study in a group, you interact, discuss the topic, and share each other’s opinions. In this way, you learn many things from each other. There may be a possibility that something difficult for you might be easy for your friend and vice versa. When you study in a group, your doubts get cleared, and you will have better clarity of the topic.

Buddy up with the internet

In today’s world, where online education is a huge fan base among the students as they are equipped with different features like ERP(ERP full form is enterprise resource planning) or LMS, what are you waiting for? The internet could be your best friend if you are also preparing for CAT. On the internet, you can surf or search about any topic and get your answer within a few seconds, which is also free of cost or minimal cost in the case of online classes. You will find different approaches to solving questions, and you can practice the one that seems effortless. 

Final Words

A myth among students is that cracking the Common Admission Test entrance is way too tricky. Rather than thinking negatively, you can think positively and follow these simple steps to crack the examination.