How to Grow Closer to God, a Tutorial  

Rohan Mathew

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For many centuries, many early Christians revolved their daily lives around their faith and religion. It was a huge part of their identities and lives as they did not have social media, video games, or television in their lives. However, we are living in a modern age with innovations, technology, industry, and cultures. Therefore, we now have many things available to spend our time on. Therefore, if you are like me, it can be really easy to be busy with personal aspirations. Therefore, setting time aside for God and your faith can get difficult at certain times. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! There are many ways that you can do to maintain your faith and knowledge of God while still pursuing your aspirations or personal schedules! In this article, I would like to introduce to you some ways that followers of God and Jesus maintain their faith and even grow in faith.

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First and foremost, I would like to introduce to you the most important and obvious way that I think believers should take advantage of to help grow their knowledge and faith in God. There is an obvious way that one can increase knowledge of the bible, attending a bible study. Those who want to seek faith must have knowledge. If one doesn’t have knowledge, how can one have faith? Therefore, we must have the correct knowledge of the bible for us to have faith in the bible. As it says in Proverbs 15:14, one who has a discerning and wise heart, seeks for knowledge. Just how we know our own parents’ personalities. Therefore, we who are called to be God’s children, shouldn’t we know or at least make an effort to know the heart of our spiritual father as well? As it says in 1 Timothy 2:4, God’s heart is for all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Therefore, a bible study is an excellent way to know God’s heart more and share His gospel. The only materials that you will need are paper, a pen, and a bible. Even if you don’t have a bible, having a daily audio bible can help too!

Another important habit that a believer should develop is doing regular and daily prayers. Now, some may say away from hearing this. But prayer is an important component to Christians. Prayer is not just asking God for physical things that you want, but prayer gives a timer for believers to reflect on their faith and heart. As it says in Revelation 2:23, God seeks our hearts and minds. He also repays according to what we have done as well. Therefore, when we pray, we can reflect on who I am in God’s eyes, what am I lacking, and what we can do to not be lacking as well. Prayer can help us be more productive and connect us to God. it helps us to be able to depend on and keep our hearts on God as well. Therefore, don’t be scared of doing daily prayers as it does not even have to be long. It can even be just 3 minutes of your time!

Another activity that Christians can do to help themselves stay in the word of God is to do bible journaling. There is much confusion on whether bible journaling is disrespectful or not. But let me ask you this, Does God care about the physical condition of your bible? What will happen if your bible is highlighted, old, ripped, or dirty? It says in John 1:1, that the word is God and God is his word. Since the Bible contains God’s word, if I accidentally drop the bible then I drop God. This is not the case. The words on the bible should not just stay in the paper but should be in our hearts (Deuteronomy 11:18). Therefore, what is more important is that we should have God’s word inscribed onto our hearts. If a believer is artistic and wants to be able to regularly reflect on God’s word, then bible journaling would be a good way to help reflect on the word daily.

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As we can see, there are many ways and activities that we can use to keep our lives within the word and God. Even through joining bible studies, doing daily prayers, and bible journaling, we must continue to perceive throughout these activities in order to answer the question of “what to do when you lose faith in God?”