Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends To Try This Year

Rohan Mathew

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Digital marketing has revolutionized the advertising game. In nearly every type of business and industry, the old standbys are quickly falling out of favor as more innovative and often cheaper methods are emerging. Marketing guru Eyal Gutentag has picked six favorites that could revolutionize the way you market your business, regardless of the industry.


With the technology readily available and a program out there for just about every niche interest, podcasts are a new way to spend your advertising dollars and find your customers. You can even try podcasting yourself to educate consumers about trends in your industry or offer insight about your products and services.

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You can use livestreaming in many ways depending on your business. Showing off a jobsite or completed project with much fanfare is great for a contracting business. Event planners and those in the entertainment industry can use livestreaming to showcase the latest happenings or to entice new customers to join in the fun. You can also hold live drawings to get people to tune in, or speak directly to your customers about what you do in a candid, approachable format.

Targeted Advertising

Casting a wide net with general marketing has always been the way companies sold their products. However, the internet age has ushered in a whole new way of marketing that can target exact demographic groups for tailored messaging. Not only do you have control of who sees your message, but you can tweak your marketing to change what your message is.

Social Media Presence

Maintaining pages on popular social media platforms is essential to doing business in the modern age. Just as companies used to have listings in the telephone book, it’s essential to have your business featured on social media. Highlighting products, specials, deals, unique services and other aspects of your business on social media is a great way for customers to get excited about what you do. You can also utilize the platforms’ user-friendly, inexpensive ad systems as another layer of business marketing.

Social Media Influencers

Beyond your own social media pages, hiring social media influencers is the new way to get word-of-mouth referrals — but better. Reaching out to someone who already has a significant following on a given platform and asking them to promote your product or service will elicit a personal testimonial from someone that people trust.

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Community Outreach

While charitable giving and local outreach campaigns have always been part of an effective marketing strategy, the definition of community is revolutionized. Communities now include geographic areas as well as different segments of the population based on ethnicity, interests, political beliefs and a whole host of other group identities. Consider initiatives that are inclusive to your target customer while promoting outreach events that might garner attention from the media and social media world. Also, using charitable giving as a means of community outreach comes with added tax benefits for many companies.

Businesses have always succeeded because the people running them are good at what they do. However, it’s equally as important to get the word out about what you do.