How to increase your followers on Twitch?

Rohan Mathew

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Twitch is one of the biggest and the most popular video game streaming website on the internet with hundreds of streamers from across the globe broadcasting their live streams to the users. When you stream on Twitch, you are not only enjoying your favorite games but you are also being active as a part of the online gaming community. Streaming your favorite games allows you to interact and share with a large number of like-minded people and the gaming community. What’s more, you can also use Twitch streaming as a source of income and earn some money while playing video games.

If you want to treat Twitch streaming as your main source of income and a primary occupation then it is vital that you have an active and prominent channel with a large number of followers and subscribers. There are various ways in which you can increase your followers on Twitch and this will automatically translate into more views and streams of your broadcasts. Let us have a look.

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Different ways to increase the followers on Twitch

Setting realistic goals: The first step is setting yourselves realistic, relevant, and measurable goals at the start of your Twitch streaming career. This way you can build effective strategies and plans of action to get to your goals. It also helps in streamlining your efforts so that you can proceed in a dedicated manner towards your goals. When you are setting yourself goals you must use the SMART framework. The SMART goals are also known as Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Using this will help you build an effective strategy towards your destination of becoming a popular Twitch streamer. 

Regular streams: If you want to build a successful career on Twitch and increase the followers on your Twitch account then you must do regular streams. If you stream only once in a while then you are unlikely to attract many new followers plus you might also lose some of your existing followers. On the other hand, if you stream regularly on a set schedule then you will be to build a constant line of communication with your viewers and develop a sort of a personal relationship with them which is so priceless. This will also help you in gaining more followers and increase the number of your paid subscribers. 

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Interaction with the viewers: The communication with your views is another significant part of building a good and loyal community. When you interact and communicate with your viewers they feel being a part of your experiences and develop a real attachment to your broadcasts and streams. It brings a more personal and intimate touch to the streams which is vital in building your followers and sustaining their interest. You can also choose to play games with your followers and answer their questions from the chat. Make it a lively interactive session where the conversation flows smoothly and everyone’s enjoying themselves. You must also make it a point to join the community and try and watch other people’s streams. 

Choosing popular games: This is another important aspect in building a good community. Ideally, you must choose those games to stream that are popular and generate high viewing numbers. For instance, if you choose a game that is not very popular then you are unlikely to garner large viewing numbers or followers. In contrast, if you choose a popular game then you will have a sufficiently good number of viewers on your stream. 

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