How to Increase Your Small Business’s Energy Efficiency

Rohan Mathew

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Business owners need to be aware of every dime generated and spent. Before even considering big picture accounting, make sure that you’re shoring up your in-office expenses — starting with energy use.

Making your company more energy efficient saves money and also protects the environment. Most steps take little effort, and professionals can sell and install any technology upgrades you need.

So how can you affect this change in your business? We’ve got you covered.

Follow the energy efficiency tips below to improve the way you manage your office.

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Switch to Solar Energy in Your Office

The sun provides us with warmth and light every day. Tapping sunlight as an energy source can make your entire company more energy efficient.

Call up some contractors that can install panels on your roof. These systems store energy from the sunlight so that it can be rationed out and used as needed. These systems are zero greenhouse gas emissions, unlike energy sourced from gas, oil, and other fossil fuels. Get price estimates on the installation, and research the tax credits that come with an upgrade.

Carefully maintain your solar panel system throughout the years. Ask your installer if they can also provide you regular cleaning, panel replacement, and other repair and maintenance service.

These systems also don’t rely on doing business with private companies or governments that control the energy. You won’t have a utility bill, nor will you deal with power outages.

Heavily Automate Your Building

Automation systems make your office building more effective and energy-efficient. These systems are customizable and let you control electricity, television, HVAC, lights, alarms, phone systems, and other services with the swipe of a mobile device. The system also adapts to your needs so that it can stop or reduce the use of certain energy sources when they’re not needed.

This saves you lots of money and is also an environmentally friendly upgrade.

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Take Care of Your HVAC System

Your heating and cooling will typically use the most energy in your workplace. Because of this, you should be looking for HVAC system changes that reduce consumption.

Simply maintaining and repairing your HVAC system will improve the way it runs, which will control energy use as a whole. You can also install Energy Star rated commercial HVAC equipment and take advantage of its several energy-saver modes.

Pay For an Energy Audit

Get an energy audit once per year to make sure you’re not overlooking any areas of wastefulness. Utility repair and installation professionals can inspect your building and let you know what’s wasting energy.

They can make repairs on the spot, and will also make your building safer through their inspections.

Develop Your Energy Efficiency Plan

Energy efficiency makes so much sense. You protect the planet while also curbing your company’s spending. Not only is this a win-win situation, but it’s more than possible when you employ a few tips.

Get a handle on your company’s energy use, and check back with us for more business and technology news.