How to Lower Your Golf Handicap In 5 Simple Steps?

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You can lower your golf handicap with the help of these effective tips. These are proven techniques to lower your golf handicap starting from now. All you need to do is keep practicing them whenever you’re on the greens. And you won’t find any trouble lowering your handicap in a matter of months.

But before we begin, what does lowering your golf handicap mean? It is a measure of your skills as a golfer. A numerical measurement of your golf skills, to be exact. A golfer uses his handicap to compete with other golfers. The lower your golf handicap, the better the golf player you are.

So if your golf scores are higher, you need to find a way to lower your golf handicap. All this is not without a lot of effort, on your part. And these expert tips will help you get there faster.

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How to Lower Your Golf Handicap?

#1 Enhance Your Short Game

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What’s your golf score within 100 yards? I’m sure more than most of your golf strokes are within that range of the hole. So if you don’t focus on your short game, you’re actually gaining a lot of points.

If you improve your short game strokes, you can actually lower your golf handicap. Just make sure to approach your short game practice using specific techniques. Such as your flat stick, for example. Once you experiment on improving your short putts, you can really sharpen your short game.

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#2 Spend Time Hitting More Wedges and Drivers

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This is what most professionals do. Amateurs often overlook this factor but it can really spruce up your expectations. There’s a good reason to hit more wedges and drivers to lower your handicap.

This influences your short game as well. You’re more likely to gain penalty strokes if you play within 120 yards of the hole. But if you hit proper drives and wedge shots, this is preventable. Look for the best golf wedges for mid handicappers. It is good for your tempo. It sets the pace and has plenty of major benefits.

Keep your wedges, drivers to the maximum. Meanwhile, your mid-irons, long-irons, and fairway woods to the minimum. This will elevate your golf skills and performance to lower your golf handicap.

#3 Stay Close to the Ground

Lowering your club before and during impact is a great way to lower your golf handicap. This is especially important while chipping or putting for an amateur golfer. If the club you’re currently using makes it difficult for you to stay close to the ground. Experiment with different clubs to see what works.

Using a golf club with a minimized loft is easier to use than a club with a high loft. But this also depends upon your skills and personal preference. So choose accordingly and focusing on keeping it low.

#4 Invest In A Proper Grip

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There’s no way you can hit the golf ball without an accurate grip. It’s a must-have to improve your golf game and even posture. You can find a variety of golf grips on the market. So to compare and decide will take a while.

The most popular and sought-for grip is the V-grip. This is when you place your index finger and thumb on your non-dominant hand. On the other hand, do the same and hold the club. Point the “V” down the shaft of the club. So that it forms a straight line along the V vertices and the shaft.

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#5 Balance Your Swing

This is very important. It’s important to take note of your body’s weight distribution while swinging. Balance is key. To add more power to your swing, lean a bit more on your back foot. Divide the weight between both feet at 60:40. 60 percent of weight should be on your back foot and the rest over the front.

A more flexed posture will keep your swing as straight and controlled as possible. Once you have your target, your follow-through will be a whole lot easier.

The Conclusion

Tuning up your golf gear and your practice is the only way to lower your golf handicap. All the rest of the information that claims fast solutions are a sham. You can earn lower golf handicaps by staying focused on every aspect of your game.

Whether that means approaching your short putting game, changing your grip, or keeping proper alignment or balance. But it’s necessary to improve your golf game and practice as much as you can to succeed.

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