Learn How To Make A Survival Tent In 5 Ways

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Learn How To Make A Survival Tent In 5 Ways

Learn How to Make a Survival Tent in 5 ways for wilderness in This Article

Do you remember the episodes of “Man vs., Wild” or “Naked and Afraid”? Every moment of those shows is challenging. However, it could be less stressful if they knew how to make a survival tent.

There are many ways you can make survival shelters while in the wilderness. Nevertheless, five of them turned out to be the easiest to build and most effective during any outdoor adventure.

What is a Survival Tent?

How to Make a Survival Tent

Well, the name says it all. Any natural or man-made structure that will help you to survive in a harsh condition. The survival can be from insects, animals, and weather.

Both the made and form of a survival shelter varies. It can be anything from a simple dugout to a wooden or steel structure. How to build a survival shelter depends on the situation and available materials.

There is a saying among the hikers and trackers. You cannot survive more than 3-hours in a harsh weather condition without shelter. This rule of 3’s is the motivation to build your shelter.

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Best five Survival Tents for Wilderness: How to Make a Survival Tent

The most important feature of the best survival shelter should be ‘easy to set.’ If it takes too much time to set up in harsh weather, it is not the best.

We have rounded up the 5 best survival tent-setting techniques for better survival. It will save you in any condition while you are away from your base camp.

Desert Tent

Survival in the desert depends on two factors. One is water, and another is shade from the scorching sun. A desert survival shelter should protect you from the heat.

Resources are limited in a desert. Therefore, you need to be very creative while making a one or a multi-person tent. You can make a Ramada, which is a basic structure to protect from heat.

You can use local shrubbery to make the canopy. Any bush or branch can be useful as sidewalls. Use your trap both as a roof and as the side walls.

Tarp Survival Tent

A tarp may be a piece of waterproof fabric, but it has a multipurpose role in a survival situation. You can use it differently in different harsh conditions to survive.

Tarp Wing

A rain fly tarp wing can save you from rain. It can also provide partial protection from the gusty wind. Nevertheless, a fly tarp can only be used as a temporary structure before making a permanent one.

You have to tie one side of the tarp on the ground and another side to a higher level. Make sure the surface is inclined.

A-Frame Tarp

An A-frame tarp is the more permanent version of a trap. It has an A-shaped frame with better stability. This structure requires stick and rope support for a sturdy construction.

Tie a rope between two trees. Drape the tarp on it and provide weight or tie with something firm. This basic design will save you from rain, wind, and heat.

But it is not a good option in cold conditions.

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Tarp Burrito

If you do not find any support to use your tarp, just wrap yourself with it like a burrito. Put some leaves, soft branches, and mosses underneath for insulation. This is an excellent method to survive using your own body heat.

Snow Shelter Tent

While you are in the middle of Alps mountaineering, you need a specialized survival shelter for the snowy environment. The structures can be entirely made of snow with the help of a few sticks may be.


Most of the military survival tents in the snow are Quinzhee. It is a pile of snow hallowed out for survival. You can live there for long hours and save yourself from snowstorms. It may sound crazy, but as any Alps mountaineering Tasmanian, they will tell you its use.


Make a pile of 7 to 8-feet high snow. Now you can hollow it out for your winter survival quarter. This is one of the best and easiest shelters for winter backpacking trips. It works best as a 1-man survival tent.

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It is the dome tent made with ice rather than snow. This mountaineering tent of ice requires a little extra skill.

You have to check the density of the ice first. Now place the blocks on the designated place and start scraping it. Try to taper and make them shape inwards. Eventually, you will make your emergency tent made of ice.

An igloo can be used as a 1 to 4–person survival tent. However, the capacity depends on the size of the dome tents.

Winter Survival Tent

Winter season tents are long-term shelters. You can use it as your winter backpacking tent while on the hike on a higher elevation.

One of the main objectives of winter survival is to save from the harsh cold. The next one is to keep the warmth inside as much as possible.

To fulfill both the objective, you need to use all the available materials to maintain insulation. It can be anything from leaves, mud, branches, or even shrubs.

These materials will not only insulate the walls but will also do the same for the base. Put some leaves or branches below the sleeping bag, and you can feel the difference.

Tree Branch Tent

The tree branches are the most common tool for a survival shelter. You can build both permanent and temporary shelters with those.

In ancient days and even now, travelers make round lodges with tree logs. They are not only sturdy structures but can withstand cold, storm, and rain.

If you do not have the time and tools to make a round-lodge, you can go for the shelter made with debris. Make an A-structure and cover it with debris and leaves. These are great for insulation.

Learn How to Make a Survival Tent in 5 ways for wilderness Watch This Video


Let’s Conclude some Survival Tips

Have a positive attitude, and it’s the game-changer

Keep the bed above from the ground to stay safe from the flash flood

Find the water source

Have equipment to lit a fire

Learn about different knots

Keep a folding knife, extra battery and lighter

When you know how to make a survival tent and have a positive attitude, every outdoor adventure will be thrilling and memorable.

We Had Learn How to Make a Survival Tent in 5 ways for wilderness