How to Make a Vinyl Banner for Your Business

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How to Make a Vinyl Banner for Your Business

Want to market your business to a larger audience? Vinyl banners improve brand visibility and fuel your audience to take action. More importantly, these banners suit all business marketing needs, whether launching a product or opening a new storefront.

So what makes for an effective vinyl banner? This article shares the essential tips you can use to get printed banner for business making it stand out.

  1. Pick the Banner Location

The banner’s location influences almost all other aspects of your banner, from its size, color, messaging, and material; hence, getting the banners printed for business after finding a favorable location is essential.

Before settling for a particular location, consider your ideal audience’s situation when coming across the signage. Assuming your target audience is walking or seated far from the location. In that case, you want your banner standing in an elevated position with bold, attention-grabbing colors for visibility.

You can consider using banner stands like:

H-banner stands – a sturdy banner stand. It holds the banner several inches above the ground for better visibility.

L-banner stands – Contains an adjustable rod frame that makes it easy to transport from one event to another.

X-banner stands – The most accessible banner to set up and dismantle at a moment’s notice.

  1. Draft the Copy

The next step is passing the message across to your target audience to provoke them to take the necessary action. Decide on the message you want to portray and create persuasive content around it. Some of the best practices to incorporate when creating a banner copy include:

  1. Use Large Text

It beats logic having a banner that is not clear or blurred, especially at a distance. The text on your banner should align with the recommended text size for vinyl banners across the board. This way, everyone can see it from a distance.

  1. Select a Readable Font

The text size doesn’t matter if people can’t read the content. Using flamboyant fonts only makes it harder to digest the message on a banner; hence it is preferable to use sans-serif font over serif fonts for better readability.

  1. Simplify the Message

A vinyl banner isn’t a platform to share lots of information about your business, its products, or services. Instead, content on the banner should be exciting and straight to the point on the action/s you want the audience to take.

For example, if you want a customer to visit a specific location share the physical address and brief reasons, it is ideal.

  1. Consider Message Hierarchy

There is always a section you want your reader to focus on most. This message should always take precedence over the others on your banner. For easier visibility, use larger fonts for this section with elaborate spacing.

  1. Choose a Design Template

Typically, you have two options when choosing a design template for your banner. You can opt for the customizable templates done by professional designers where all you have to do is insert the message, color, and font.

Alternatively, you could utilize various paid online resources to create a custom design from scratch. These include Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, which have the best file formats for uploading.

  1. Insert Appropriate Colors

Colorful banners are lively and attract attention from afar. However, different colors evoke different human emotions, so knowing the feeling you want to provoke from the audience before helps.

Here is a list of colors and the emotions they evoke to help you:

Red – danger, excitement, love, passion

Orange – energetic, fun, happy

Yellow – optimism, humor

Green – growth, peace, health

Blue – trust, safety,

Purple – wisdom, luxury, femininity

Gray – calmness, neutrality

Pink – sweetness, love

Black – power, prestige, mystery

Remember always to contrast the banner and font color to get the message across effectively. As a rule, always use a dark font on a light color.

  1. Add High-Quality Graphics and Photos

People cannot read many words on banners as the world gets busier. There are instances where banners get the message across just as effectively using images and few words.

Carefully edited images act as a focal point for your banner’s entire advertisement, which attracts an audience. Provided it is of high quality and attractive, an image reduces the need for a wordy banner that’s unappealing to your target audience.

  1. Design your Vinyl Banner Today

Vinyl banners are among the high-quality banners in the market. These banners can sit in a wide range of settings, whether indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, vinyl banners are two-sided, making it possible for different purposes at a go. If you decide to design your vinyl banner, consider using online customized tools for a professional banner.


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