How to Make an Awesome Kid’s Bedroom

Rohan Mathew

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A child’s bedroom is their most important space in the house. It’s a place where they can play, rest, and relax, but most importantly, it’s a place all for themselves. Having a designated space can be helpful for a child’s development, and because of this, it’s important to make sure the room is a good as it can be. Here are some tips on how to make an awesome kid’s bedroom.

Being Smart with Design

When designing a bedroom for a child, many parents fall into the same traps and pitfalls, with many focusing too much on making a room that’s considered fun. It’s important to remember that this room is where the child is not only going to be sleeping, but also studying and doing homework as they progress through school.

Many bedrooms are therefore far too stimulating, making it hard for children to concentrate. Striking a balance is difficult, as you don’t want to decorate a child’s bedroom the same as you would an adult’s, as it will be too boring and mature.

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Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bags hit that glorious goldilocks zone of being just fun enough while also being practical, making them great for a child’s bedroom. They’re great for lounging and relaxing in while reading, drawing or doing any other activity, and they’re also comfortable and soft.

Bean bags can also come in a variety of different colors and designs, meaning they’re likely to match your child’s preferences. The best bean bag chair for kids is also really sturdy to ensure that it won’t pop easily, and that’s for good reason: the last thing any parent wants to be doing is sweeping up hundreds of mini Styrofoam balls.

Keep Most Décor to the Walls

Children like to play, and to do that effectively, they need as much space as they can afford. Therefore, it’s a good idea to limit your extra furnishings to items that can hang on a wall. This means ensuring that mirrors, frames, pictures, and prints are all suitable for a children’s bedroom.

You can hang these items in a variety of fashions and make them as sophisticated or simple as you like; however, botanical prints and flowers are a good trendy option at the moment. You want to avoid needless items littering the floor and ensure that the items in the room have more function other than just looking pretty. It’s also a good idea to position any furniture such as desks and cupboards that need floorspace up against walls, as this will reduce the number of obstacles in the room and their level of obstruction.

Get a Statement Headboard

A great way to add a touch of personality to a child’s bedroom is to get a headboard that’s interesting and funky. Much like the bean bags that were mentioned earlier, this tows the line perfectly between playfulness and maturity, and is likely to be a piece they keep as they grow and progress into teenagers and young adults. Bold colors and interesting patterns are a good option if they’re coupled with single tone bedsheets. To make sure it pops, be sure to choose a design and color that contrasts well from the wallpaper.

Display Their Passions

Most children have something that they’re passionate about, be it sports, music, animals, or something else. It’s a good idea to incorporate nods of this passion into their bedroom design, as it can make it feel more personal to them. It’s important that you don’t go overboard and make the entire theme of the room their passion, but little trinkets here and there are interesting design choices that can go a long way.

For example, for a music lover, you can always mount guitars or brass instruments to the wall, or for those who like space, globes and framed prints of constellations can be a great way to express this love. You want to make sure it’s sophisticated and timeless, as devoting an entire bedroom to a passion may backfire when the child matures and potentially grows out of their interests.

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Things to Avoid

There are plenty of things that parents put into their children’s room that, upon second review, really shouldn’t be in there. One of the items that most commonly ends up in a child’s bedroom is a television.

TVs can be harmful items to have in a child’s bedroom, especially if they have not yet developed good self-discipline and control as they may end up using the device well past their bedtime. As it’s in the same room where they sleep, it’s easy for them to watch whatever they want to throughout the night.

That freedom of choice is also part of the problem because as it gets later, the suitability of the programming for younger children decreases, meaning they might be exposed to adult orientated content that they are not ready for. Televisions in the bedroom are also hard to monitor, meaning it’s very easy for a child to spend 3-5 hours on them, which can be made worse if they have a video games console attached to it as well.

Another reason televisions aren’t great for bedroom decor is that they emit blue light. Too much of this light can strain the eyes and cause issues in the child’s sleep, leading to long-term fatigued and an inability to concentrate the next day.

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Using Color

The color used to decorate a child’s bedroom is also important as the psychology of color can really affect how they behave and how they’re feeling. Bright colors such as red might sound fun, but they’re not great for any child to be around for long.

Particularly when it comes to red, it’s a color often associated with anger and/or excitement, meaning it could stimulate those feelings in children. The best colors to deploy are white, as it’s crisp and soothing, or green, as it’s heavily associated with peacefulness and calmness. If their bedroom is also their study space, then soft hews of orange can help with their brain function.