How to Make Corporate Events More Fun        

Berry Mathew

There is nothing a group of employees dreads more than being locked in a room all day with their bosses and colleagues, forced to listen to speakers drone on or play cringey ice breaker games.

 Corporate events do not have to be this way.

 There are many things you can do to make your next corporate event something everyone will look forward to, not something they want to run and hide from. 

Hire Atypical Entertainment.

People often look at the itinerary for a corporate event and roll their eyes. Another motivational speaker? They’re often over it before it even begins.

 Consider alternative entertainment options, such as booking a comedian, hypnotists, or high-energy cover bands.

 Providing a unique entertainment experience will keep your guests engaged not just for the time the act is on, but during the whole event. They’ll feel more connected and willing to participate.

 Get Some Good Eats.

Free food. Two words that are music to many people’s ears, and a phrase that will drive employees happily to an event.

 Provide nourishment that’s outside the typical pasta/chicken/meat options. Look to hire local restaurants and catering companies to provide food. That connection will show employees you care about supporting other businesses.

 You may also want to consider food that’s more of an experience. Standing in line for a buffet can be boring, and is made better by having an interactive chef or two manning carving or made-to-order pasta stations.

 Food is a way in which we connect, so providing a quality experience is key to keeping employees engaged.

 Keep People Out Of Their Seats.

Plan a day of activities that gets people moving. No one wants to sit in a hard plastic chair for eight hours listening to people talk.

 Organize a scavenger hunt. Break the large group off into smaller ones for separate activities.

 Keeping people up and moving will keep their minds working and their attention on the event at hand.

 Set A Theme.

Create an event that revolves around a theme, like a specific decade in time or a highlight of countries around the world.

 People are more likely to be invested in something that has a clear purpose and that they can attribute to in ways as simple as wearing an outfit that resonates with the theme.

 Take It Outside The Office.

A corporate event does not have to happen on company grounds.

 Take employees to a local sporting event, mini golf course, or escape room. Even if you’re trying to find a time to sit down with them to talk business, it can be done outside of a main interactive event that has nothing to do with your line of work whatsoever.

 In fact, doing this may get their creative juices flowing and call for a better meeting once talk does turn to work.

 Tap Into Your Inner Child.

Add an element of youthfulness to your event to make the atmosphere lighthearted. Have a table of adult coloring books and crayons or get a bounce house to help folks relieve stress.

Allowing people to tap into their inner care-free child can go a long way..