How to optimize your site’s speed and performance

Rohan Mathew

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Can you remember those days when you could load a website and go ahead to prepare a cup of coffee before the site came up? Those days are in the past. These days, a website that takes more than ten full seconds to load is only shooting itself in the foot. According to Hubspot, you are reducing your rate of converting by 7% per every second delay your website does. Having a website can bring you tons of money, but without the right steps, you will waste money. I have put together this guide to show you how to improve your website speed and performance. Also, click here for seo Perth.

Ensure you have a reliable host

When you want to create your website, it is normal to want to take the cheapest hosting option. That is because, you may not exactly be sure of the outcome of the website, therefore, spending too much is not smart. The cheapest hosting option from most Web host providers is shared hosting. You have two other hosting options including VPS hosting and having your dedicated server. On the shared hosting server, you are sharing your disk space, RAM, and CPU with other websites. You can start with this option, but don’t hesitate to change it when you have the capital. 

Reduce HTTP request 

The HTTP request is one of the reasons your site is running slowly. When you load a page, there are texts, images, and other items to download before it opens. For each of the items your Web page downloads, there is a specific HTTP request. Reducing these requests will go a long way to improving website speed. The best ways to do this include finding how much your HTTP requests are and reducing them.

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Reduce media size

Pictures and videos are important to many websites. These pictures need to be presentable to your audience. As such, you will want to take the time to get a high-quality image. These images may have large sizes for your website. So what you want to do is to reduce the sizes of these images before you upload them to your website. The size compression should not affect the picture quality. 

Utilize CDN known as Content delivery network 

The goal of every website owner is to provide services to people around the world, and not in one location. However, most people make the mistake of not utilizing a content delivery network on their websites. A content delivery network provides your website to users per their specific locations. If you do not use the content delivery network, it means everyone is clicking your site on one server. In turn, that will increase the time required to load. 

Utilize caching on your websites

Caching is probably the most creative and deceitful way of increasing your website speed. But it is the most satisfying. With website caching, your website stores some static pages on user browsers. So when they click on your website, the static pages and items come up first while the website is loading. For the user, as long as they see something there’s some satisfaction. 


Improving your website speed and performance will keep more people glued to your website, irrespective of your service offerings. You can utilize the steps listed above to improve the speed. 

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