Things to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Door Installer

Rohan Mathew

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Having automatic doors installed in your office can do a lot of good to the growth of your business. Starting from their aesthetic look, flexibility in allowing access, and the security they give.

However, while considering the mouth-watering benefits they could give to your business and your clients, you have to look into the hassle of choosing the appropriate commercial door services for the installation

Choosing a professional contractor would protect your automatic doors from excessive damages and give you reasonable cost benefits.


How Does an Automatic Door Work?

An automatic door works by opening on its own accord when it detects someone in its activation area. It opens as the door controller receives a signal from the sensor; as the gear motor is activated, it drives the gear and pulley. 

And the door would start closing back automatically when the sensor no longer sensed anyone in its action area. 

Having gotten the basic knowledge about automatic doors—how they work and their increasing benefits, let me take you through the process to follow choosing the right installation contractor/installer.

Take the following into consideration before choosing an automatic door installer.

  1. Rely only on Competent Installer

Automatic doors come in various kinds. And thus their installation technique differs as we have different kinds of them. We have the Sliding, swinging, and folding types of automatic doors.

Hence, when you have chosen the type of automatic door you want, go ahead to find a technician that knows what they are doing when it comes to installing automatic doors—the one who specializes in installing the type you’ve chosen.

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  1. Find out the installer’s Record of Compliance

The installer that has a good record of compliance with, at least the local, standard safety codes would give you peace of mind and confidence that you will have a professional work product at the end.

From this, you could also know that your doors would be protected against excessive damages due to thorough maintenance culture.

  1. Find out if your Installer Belong to the AAADM

The American Association of Automatic Doors Manufacturers (AAADM) is a union of automatic door manufacturers who ensure a significant level of professionalism in the field of automatic door installation.

The union gives safety codes, specifications, installation, and maintenance.

Technicians from this professional group should be able to educate you on how safety checks are done with automatic doors.

  1. Find out the Installer’s Service Charge

In any business situation, the first thing to ask is the service charge. The price you might come across on their website might not be the charge fee the company follows at the moment.

So, there’s a need to call directly and find out. With this, you would know if you are truly ready and not chasing unrealistic goals.

  1. Find out If the Technician Gives Recurring Service

Automatic doors are to be given annual checks and maintenance.

Not all automatic door installers give recurring service. Once installed, they might not promise maintenance.

Conversely, it is in the conduct of AAADM for their members to give recurring services. So, a person from this union can assure you of this kind of service.

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