How to Play CS: GO Online? A Beginners Guide

Rohan Mathew

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Video games have changed the world of gaming in the modern world. You don’t need to get out of your home to play with your friends. It has given the parents a world of peace and freedom from the worries of their kids. But the world of video gaming went through a comprehensive revolution as soon as the Counter-Strike series of games launched.

They have launched four versions of this game and the last one or the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive became the most popular video game to date. The game was developed by the Valve Corporation in association with the Hidden Path Entertainment. You can play this game on any platform like Xbox, Windows, Playstation, and so on. Thus this game became very popular among the game enthusiasts.

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●   The Beginners Guide

CS: GO is not that hard a game to play on. You can learn this game to play in some minutes and you will remember it till the day you will leave playing it. It is a very appealing game and thousands of new gamers play this game every day. You can have lots of guides for this game who will teach you how to play this game.

There are some videos on several media platforms that will tell you in detail about how to play this game. Other than that you will get several other written documents which you will have to read thoroughly. The guides will tell you about the basic strategies only but you will have to master them by playing the game time and again.

●   Functions of a Guide

While you are taking the help of a guide to play the CS: GO counter strike game, then you need to know about the functions of a guide that will help you to be a master of this game. They will give you lots of tips which you will have to follow to get to the ultimate target of the game. You will come to know about the different ways through which you can reach your targets but your enemies will not get any clue of your presence.

●   Get the Right Settings

Every game gives you the option to customize the game as per your preference through the setting options. You need to use those options to make your gaming easy. You can’t always get the best results with the default settings. Sometimes you need to change them the way you want to operate in this game.

●   Stand Still and Shoot the Enemy

The first thing you need to learn while playing a game that you need to stand still. Otherwise, you will definitely miss the target and your opponents will become aware of your presence. On the other hand, the weapons you use in this game have different recoil patterns for each. You need to understand them and then only you will be able to hit your enemy in such a way that they will fall. Only the range of the weapon will not work for you but you need to know the right time and the right occasion to use it. As you can’t use a grenade or talon knife everywhere otherwise you will harm your own team members too. Likewise, you also can’t use a pistol to kill an enemy far from you as it requires the sniper rifle. This way you will learn where and how a particular weapon has to be used.

  • Learn the Maps

Maps are the most important thing you will need in the war. In the maps, you will get all the routes and paths to reach your target. Thus you need a map to get the secret ways or the alternative ways to get to the target. In the maps, you will not get everything written in the straight language. There will be signs which you need to understand while you are reading the maps. But reading the maps will not do everything for you but you need to communicate to your team members properly. Through perfect communication, you can bypass your enemies and get to your target. With learning the proper call, you should also need to know when you need to stay quiet. Any sound at any inappropriate moment may cause you and your team heavy damage from the enemies. This is why you need to go for a trial run before you start playing the game with your teammates.

  • Don’t Kill Needlessly

In the real world of crime and order, there are some people who care about the number of people they kill throughout their careers. Likewise in this game, you are having a free hand to kill your enemies but you don’t need to kill them always. Take care of the situation where you need to stay quiet and just provide support to your teammates. If you will go behind the numbers of enemies killed, you may lose the game.

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  • Learn the Utilities

There are many weapons in the game that you need to use only when the appropriate time is. The utility of the weapons are very important in this case. You should never enter into any site which is not surveyed alone. At least some support is required there to enter otherwise you may lose your credentials in the game. You will not get a high rank by just being a frag master but you need to know some smoke so that you can get appreciation from the other teammates.

  • Get to the Right Aim

A proper target for everyone is very important in winning any game. If you are playing the CS: GO counter strike game then you need to go for the target you have got only. Running aimlessly will only lose your energy and ammunition. If you are playing the game for the first time then you need to make the basics correct. You should never go after the skills of the professional players and imitate them to play the game from the first day. You will gather your skills gradually.