How to Recover Faster After A Spine Surgery

Rohan Mathew

Back pain is a common pain caused by spine problems that affect many people. Surgery is always the last result anyone should consider because it is expensive, painful, and may cause lasting effects afterwards. You can try some home remedies, such as ice, heat, or even physical therapy, to alleviate discomfort. However, if the above does not work, you should visit your doctor for treatment. The doctor will assess the cause of your back problems, and might recommend surgery depending on the severity and the cause of the back pain. There are various back surgeries listed below and the factors that make each technique different.

  1. Traditional

In this kind of surgery, the surgeon makes a long incision on your back. After, they move your muscles and other tissues for them to access the affected part of your spine. After the surgery is complete recovering from this type takes a bit longer, and there is a severe chance of tissue damage.

  1. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS)

The technique uses a small incision compared to traditional surgery. The surgeons use a unique tool known as a tubular retractor that creates a small tunnel to help the surgeon access the surgical site. They also use other devices placed onto the tunnel during the operation. MISS is less invasive, and this means the recovery process will be faster and less painful.

  1. Laser Surgery

If you settle for a laser back surgery, the surgeon will remove only a small portion of tissue around your spinal cord and the nerves on your back. Compared to the above, this kind of surgery is appropriate for people who have a particular condition like nerve compression that causes back pain. This technique rarely gets used, but it’s the most beneficial with minimum discomfort, adverse effects, and recovery time is relatively short.

After The Surgery

When there is pressure on your nerve, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. After the surgery, the back pain and the compressed nerves that might have caused the pain will be relieved. However, you will still feel pain, discomfort, and even dizziness and drained from the anesthesia and the surgery itself. You will need to take care of yourself for you to recover faster after the surgery. Below are a few ideas you should consider and help you recover quicker and without any complications.

Follow the Surgeon Post-Operative Plan

The post-operative recovery plan is the best way that will ensure the recovery time gets reduced after the back surgery. The surgeon will give you a carefully outlined recovery plan which will include realistic expectations on how you will manage the pain until you are entirely well to return to your daily activities. Ensure to follow all the restrictions keenly your doctor recommends even if they are burdensome because they are all designed to give your body all the time it requires to heal appropriately.

Don’t Ignore Any Pain

As you start the recovery process from spine surgery, you should expect pain during the recovery. However, different pains will have various reasons. Before the surgery, your doctor will give you’re a comprehensive idea of the kind of pain you should expect, when to expect the pains and how to handle the issue in case of an unusual pain you experience. Knowing how severe the pain is and how long the pain should last will give you an idea if it will be necessary to contact your doctor or not, and this will be a significant factor in your recovery process. You will have the ability to differentiate a normal pain and a complication which will help you get help and avoid any complications that might delay the healing process.

Prepare Your Living Environment for an Optimal Recovery

Recovering from a spinal cord surgery will vary. However, the most recovery time will be at home. Prepare the living area adequately to facilitate comfort and keep you at ease to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Ensure everything you need will be close enough to reach to avoid any unnecessary stretching that might cause injuries to the back area. Further damage will cause you extreme excruciating pain, making the recovery time even longer.

Consider Therapy

The spinal surgery will not be the last step to recovery from your back pain. You should consider physical therapy and be committed to attending all the sessions to help your body reach optimal recovery in the shortest time. Follow all your therapists’ instructions and push yourself to your limits, and within a short time, you will experience a speedy recovery. After the therapy sessions, ensure you follow the exercise routine the therapist advises you to do at home.

Adopt Healthy habits

Ensure you have a healthy eating habit and avoid indulging in junk and any kind of unhealthy meals during the recovery period. You should altogether prevent smoking, alcohol consumption, or any drug until you completely recover. Also, take note of the food you consume. For instance, ensure your meals are healthy and organic. Add more vegetables, fruits, and plenty of water to your diet. Vitamins and mineral supplements will be tremendous but ensure you get the prescription from your doctor.


It’s also essential to follow the doctor’s prescription of the pain medication they will give you. Don’t self-medicate, and ensure you take a full prescription dose.


It’s also important to consider your posture when seated or sleeping to help you achieve a proper alignment for your spine and avoid any chances of getting hurt. Also, ensure you have a sleeping schedule and stick to it. The pain and discomfort in your back might give you a bad experience. Adequate sleep will facilitate a speedy recovery.


Consult a spine surgeon in Mission Viejo CA, or a physician for an appropriate exercise schedule vital for a speedy recovery. Ensure you follow the exercise routine as it will help weight management and avoid any chances of back issues in the future.