Textured and Smooth Breast Implants Explained

Rohan Mathew

There are diverse types of breast implants depending on the outer shell and filing they are made of. They work best depending on the patients’ preferences and how they want their breasts to feel. People are mainly familiar with materials that encase the outer shell of an implant. However, the used outer shells are different too. They can have a smooth or texture surface.

If you are unsure of the difference between the two or are interested in a cosmetic procedure, you can have breast augmentation in Houston TX. Also, you can schedule a consultation with the doctors to learn more about the two breast implants. Let the doctor determine the right breast filler material and implant surface for you. They will do this depending on the material they believe will yield better results and use your anatomy.

Textured Breast Implants

They have thick shells which feel somewhat rough. The thicker shell of the texture breast implant feels firmer than a smooth breast implant. While smooth implants are round, textured breast implants have either teardrop or round shape.

Textured shell is useful for teardrop-shaped breast implants as it helps it adhere to breast tissue because of its texture. It also aids in preventing implant rotation, which is not necessary for a smooth round implant as it looks the same at any viewing angle.

Textured breast implants may be essential to clients with conditions that make the breast bone concave or convex. They are also used in common cases like bottoming out, sagging breast, or double bubble to inhibit the implant from sliding. No matter your reason for a breast implant, talk to your doctor to determine which implants meet your desires and appearances. The doctor will also consider where the breast implants will be positioned.

Smooth Breast Implants

The shell of a smooth breast implant is not thick as a textured shell, which makes it feel natural and softer than a textured breast implant. During your activities, a smooth breast implant moves around flexibly and freely than a textured implant. They move around freely like natural breast tissue.

A smooth breast implant is commonly known as a soft round implant. As some people prefer it because of its natural factor, each person is different with different preferences and medical conditions that leads them to the textured breast implant.

Is There a Difference Between Smooth and Textured Breast Implants?

When the implant is beneath enough breast tissue and muscle under ideal conditions, it is hard to spot the difference between smooth and textured breast implants after breast augmentation. However, there are more significant risks of visible ripples and folds with the textured implant, especially in thin patients with smaller breasts. The textured implant is placed beneath the breast muscle.

When Are Smooth Breast Implant Used?

Smooth breast implants are the most popular choices of plastic surgeons and breast augmentation clients. It was approved in 2006 by FDA and is more improved and effective than the ancient smooth implant. In today’s world, a smooth breast implant is placed beneath the breast muscles to reduce visibility, better coverage, and fewer capsular contraction chances. A combination of the modern cosmetic surgical techniques has abridged the chances of capsular contraction to ten percent while with the best technique to two percent.

When should you Use Textured Breast Implant?

Surgeons prefer textured implants and still use them consistently. The new advanced teardrop shapes of the textured implant are made of textured shells. They are stiffer and firmer, making them hold breast shape better than a smooth breast implant. For any patient desiring to have a shaped breast implant, a textured implant Is the best choice. Textured breast implants are used as a replacement after the elimination of capsular contraction. It is done to prevent regular capsular contracture recurrence.

Are Textured Breast Implants Safe?

According to recent studies, a Lymphoma tumor is believed to occur around the textured breast implant shell. The tumor is linked to textured breast implants more than smooth breast implants. However, its occurrence is rare, the estimated risk out of thirty patients, only one reports the risk of tumor. The risk also occurs between six to eight years after going through the textured breast implant procedure.

The first sign of this tumor is fluid buildup leading to swelling. The situation is mostly treated with the removal of the tumor and textured implant. Even though Lymphoma tumors’ occurrence is rare, there are no reported cases of it with a smooth breast implant, making it the favorite breast augmentation.

Which is the Best Choice: Textured or Smooth Breast Implant?

Your decision to either choose a smooth or textured breast implant is determined during your initial visit to a qualified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will explain in detail the differences between the two categories to help you decide. If you want a shaped breast implant, the best choice will be a textured breast implant. But if you’re going to have a natural feel after the implant, a smooth breast implant will give you that effect. Here are other things to consider when making your choices:

  1. Responsive to Gravity

The other difference between textured and smooth breast implants is how they respond to gravity. A soft implant will react to gravity naturally, the same way a natural breast does, but when you stand, it may be less realistic as the natural breasts appear teardrop in shape when one is standing.

Textured breast implants appear thinner at the top and fuller in the bottom, mimicking a natural breast’s shape, but they do not move during activities as they are attached to the body. When standing, it may appear more realistic because of its teardrop shape but less natural when lying down. Yoga and fitness instructors compliment smooth breast implants as they appear more natural and move during activities.

  1. Upper Pole Fullness

Smooth breast implants are always soft and round as they alternate in the breasts’ pocket. Round breast implants fill out the breast’s upper pole than an anatomically shaped breast implant. This feature creates cleavage that most women love, which is a less natural look to others.

Final Thoughts

There are different decisions to make if you are considering breast augmentation. Getting advice from an experienced and qualified plastic expert will help you make the right decision on the type of breast implant to fit your appearance and looks. The surgeon will also recommend the best breast implant after examining your body.