How to sell used laptops online

Charlotte Miller

How to sell used laptops online

You can knock off a bit of the steep price tag when upgrading to a new laptop or PC and want to sell laptops online. It is important to keep a few things in mind when doing this, in order to ensure that you get a great price and that your data is protected. 

Preparing to Sell Your Laptop

Set a Price

Find the best price for your laptop online and sell it for that price. You need to find a reasonable price before you can actually sell your laptop. To figure out how much you should sell your laptop for, research its value both brand new and second-hand.

  • It should cost about the same as other second-hand laptops, but the price may vary depending on the condition.
  • As technology develops so quickly, its value depreciates quite rapidly. In order to sell your laptop if you bought it over a year ago, you need to price it below its current value.

Select a Platform

Sell your laptops online if you are interested. You can sell your laptop on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc., all of which allow sellers the most control over the sale of their laptops for cash.

  • In this option, you may have to post an ad and pay a commission, but you can raise the cost of the laptop to cover the success fee.
  • People-to-person platforms should be used with caution. The majority of sales go smoothly, however, there are a few that don’t!

Listing with Good Heading

Your listing should have a good heading. The first thing people will notice is the headline and main photo. It is important to provide potential customers with a quick hook, otherwise known as a reason to purchase the product

  • In your heading, include the most appealing feature (e.g., Free Shipping, Brand New, 16GB RAM, etc…) of your laptop.
  • “HP EliteBook 14″ LED UltraBook (Intel Core i7-4600U, 8GB RAM)” is an example of a good heading.

Clear and Concise Body

For your listing, write a body that is precise and straightforward. Viewers will visit here to learn more information. Make sure to write everything clearly and concisely so that it is simple to grasp. 

For the viewers’ analysis, list your laptop’s specs, including its screen size, CPU, graphics card, RAM, and hard drive space.

List the most advantageous aspects first, but if there are any drawbacks, it is better to include those as well, closer to the bottom. In this manner, you won’t be stealing from anyone.

Send your laptop to the customer. 

Send your laptop to your buyer by going to the post office, paying for the shipping you mentioned, and sending it. If you receive a tracking number, be sure to email or text it to the buyer.

The laptop should be properly addressed and packaged.

Avoid sending it to the incorrect location!

Verify that the box contains the charger, laptop case, and any other items that were discussed.