How Can Robotic Welding Help Your Business?

Charlotte Miller

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How Can Robotic Welding Help Your Business

A good business owner is always on the lookout for ways to improve. If your business isn’t regularly improving, it’s stagnant, which can lead to your competitors passing you by. There are many ways to improve a business, from better employee training, creating better products and launching more effective marketing campaigns. But if your business relies on creating a physical product, one of the critical areas you should focus on is how you manufacture your product.

One solution is robotic welding. Robotic welding is a process that could benefit many businesses in a variety of ways. Below, we’ll describe what robotic welding is and some benefits your business may receive from implementing it.

What is Robotic Welding?

Robotic welding is essentially the automation of the welding process. When you need to weld two things together, you rely on a professional welder to do this for you. However, if you have a lot of welding to do, such as in manufacturing products, depending on a team of welders may not make the most sense for your business.

One reason is that there often aren’t enough skilled welders available to meet demand. Rather than taxing your current welders, you could rely on robotic welding to handle some or all of the welding load. Thanks to recent technological innovations, you can now automate various types of welding, like arc welding, spot welding, and resistance welding. With robotic welding, you program the tool to carry out the welds you need, then let it handle the rest.

Improve Efficiency

The main benefit of implementing robotic welding is improved efficiency. Unlike people, robots don’t need to take breaks, and they can continuously work the entire day without growing tired or bored of welding the same thing over and over again. Even if you have the optimal working conditions for efficiency, it’s unlikely that your employees would be able to match the efficiency output of a robotic welding system. When you improve your manufacturing efficiency through automation, you produce more products in a shorter amount of time. This leads to more profits for your business, which is a key goal for any business owner.

Reduce Costs

Robotic welding can also lower your operating costs. Think about all the money that goes into hiring a single employee. It starts by conducting a hiring search, which requires a time investment and perhaps money to advertise the job opening. After that, you need to pay their salary and their benefits. Finally, you need to train them, which uses up valuable time. These are all valuable resources that you could be spending elsewhere.

In many situations, you’ll find that using robotic welding lowers your overall costs. You only need to pay either a one-time fee to purchase the equipment or a regular fee to rent it. You should take some time to crunch the numbers for yourself. See how much it costs to employ one welder, then compare that with the cost of using a robotic welder. If it’s a significant difference, you may want to make the change.

Adaptable to Demand

Another great benefit of robotic welding is that it can be adaptable to demand. For example, let’s say you run a business that has very busy times throughout the year and sometimes that is not busy at all. If you hire a full-time welder, you’re spending the same amount of money whether they are busy or not. This is an inefficient use of resources and can keep your business from growing.

With robotic welding, however, you can often rent the equipment for short periods of time. This would allow you to rent a robotic welder when you are the busiest and return it when you don’t have any work for it. You could also use a robotic welder to supplement your full-time welders when you’re the busiest rather than hiring a new employee. 

Safer Workplace

Finally, robotic welders are safer. Humans are prone to accidents. In many careers, this isn’t a huge problem, but that isn’t the case for welding. Welding is very dangerous, and if you aren’t careful, it could cause some serious injuries. Robotic welding machines don’t lose focus or forget things, making them safer alternatives for your workplace.

Explore Robotic Welding Solutions Today

If welding is a big part of your manufacturing operation, you owe it to your business to explore ways to improve it. Take some time to investigate robotic welders and see if they would make sense for your situation. You may find that implementing these machines tremendously helps your business, despite the fact that they are performing relatively simple operations.