How to Spy On My Cheating Spouse?

Rohan Mathew

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There are several ways you can spy on your unfaithful spouse. All those times where your spouse said they have to work late. Or the fact that they have whatever company meetings suddenly out of the blue and whatnot.

You’d want to find evidence of your cheating spouse before you go for a divorce. You can opt for several ways to collect evidence against your cheating spouse but the most effective way is to install a “catch a cheater app” (hidden spy app) on your spouse mobile device.

However, one of the ways to root out your unfaithful significant other is to use a spy app or a tracking app. All you need to do is to install a spy app or a tracking app on your own device. Then install the same app on your cheating spouses’ phones.

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How Do You Catch A Cheater?

The best way to catch a cheater is to spy on their cell phone. Of course, this sounds complex at first. As a matter of fact, most people who thought of it don’t even try it out because they assume it is going to be difficult.

Well, spying on a cell phone is not easy. At least, not unless you have a 3rd party spy app to help you with it. Yes, you read that right. There are spy apps available on the internet that can do the spy job for you, and give you the cell phone data of your cheating spouse to your screen.

However, not every spy app that claims to spy on a cell phone actually functions as such. You need to use a carefully studied app that is dependable enough to handle your data. You can either spend a few hours or a few days trying to find one such app for yourself, or you can use the one we have suggested.

Catching Your Cheating Spouse on Their Cell Phones Through Spy Apps

Let us start by discussing how to catch your significant other cheating by tracking their cell phones. 

When it comes to spying on your targets’ phones, it is vital to have the spy app installed on the target’s phone itself if you wish to track its data. That is true whether you use spy apps such as Spyine or some other cell phone spy apps. However, Spyine for Android has special measures put in place to carry on providing you with complete stealth.

Other Ways To Catch Your Spouse Cheating

Here are a few other tips that you should try out if you want to catch your spouse cheating on you:

Search History

The search history of your spouse will tell a lot about what they are hiding. With the keylogger feature present in the most phone spy apps available, you can learn what your spouse searched on the internet. This even comes with searches on social media platforms and any other area.

Therefore, you will know if your spouse has been getting presents for someone without you openly knowing. You can also find out if they are frequently searching for some particular person’s social media profile on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. These are some of the red signs of a cheater.

Caller Identity

If your spouse is cheating on you, they will be smart enough to change the name of the cheater they keep talking with on their phones. For instance, if your spouse is having an affair with someone else, you will never find the cheater’s number saved on their phone with their own name.

That being said, if you feel that there are distrustful entries in their call logs, be sure to run that number through an online reverse phone lookup such as Zosearch. You will know if it actually matches the contact on your targets’ phones.

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Track their Location

If your partner is cheating on you, they will regularly lie to you about their location. You should check their live locations if you ever feel doubtful about their activities. You should also track their current locations by phone number from time to time. 

Behavioural Changes

Sometimes, people who cheat can be ridden in guilt and they behave strangely as opposed to how they would usually behave. For instance, if your partner is cheating on you, they can seem to be politer than usual. That being said, if you feel that there are changes in your partner’s conduct, it can be a red trigger. You should have a look at their phone in order to find out more about it.

Unusual Meetings

If your partner has started a different daily schedule, like going to the office at funny hours or getting late night phone calls “related to work”, then something funny is definitely up. You should get to the bottom of the whole debacle and know if they are actually telling the truth to you.


Get yourself a spy app. That way you can keep track of what your cheating spouse is doing behind your back.