How to survive Dead Ops 3 in Black Ops Cold War: Tips & tricks

Rohan Mathew

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Dead Ops 3 in Black Ops Cold War offers a break from the multiplayer and zombie mode. The players get a top-down view, zombies to shred, and a lot of ammo. Do not underestimate the Dead Ops 3 to be an easy zombie mode because if you do so then you are sure to fail. Here is a handy Cold War hack for PC to let you survive and play the Dead Ops 3.

Focus on playing as a team

Wish to stand out and be a hero? Do not do that. Teamwork is the only mantra that will lead you to success in this game. Stay with your team, concentrate on the battle and your job will be done. The Dead Ops 3 in Black Ops Cold War is a survival game and the best way to play it is to stick together.

You may be tempted to paddle your score but there are ways in which you can help your teammate. If you find a teammate downed then go near his body and fight which will help to shorten his revive time if he does not have any life left. 

If you are skilled then let the weaker teammate get the weapons. Monitor the score and lives of your teammates to figure out who may find it helpful to get a weapon. If you see an amazing weapon drop then do not rush for it immediately. 

Using weapons, bombs, and boosts

If you pick up a weapon do not keep firing to flaunt it. Use the guns and weapons conservatively. You may end up exhausting the ammo by firing a special weapon that you may have picked up and this is not the best way to play your game.

Also, ensure that you save the boost and the bombs. It is not advised to indulge in panic bombing. If you are surrounded by some zombies and if you use the bomb as a rescue then this is not the best way to do it. Think of the boost that could be used to escape. Bombs should be used to get rid of the huge swarm around the zombies and this, in turn, depletes their health fast. Bombs are important stuff so keep it for later when the match gets tough.

It is tempting to use the boosts, bombs, and weapons even at the wrong time. However, it is important to save them to use in moments when they are necessary. These are vital resources and should be used with care. Avoid using the boots and bombs when it is possible for your teammates to help you escape the situation.

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Keeping yourself safe

Avoid getting cornered. Unless you have a boost or a bomb you are sure to die if you are crowded. 

You should ignore the first-person pickup. This just restricts your view and does not help you in any way. If you end up picking it up then drop it instantly. The first-person pickup lets you find loots and secret areas but there are many downsides to it which makes it unworthy.

Each area has some hidden rooms. Your aim should be to look out for those areas fast. 

Spot the stone switches and step on them to open all the hidden doors which can be used by your teammates. You may get to the bonus rooms through these doors so you can see for yourself how the hidden doors can reward you.

Be attentive

Build on your focus and pay attention when playing the Dead Ops 3 in Black Ops Cold War. A zombie can attack you from anywhere. There are many hidden rooms where you can get some real treasure. You could just chance upon something useful that has been left behind by someone. Being attentive lets you grab a lot. It also lets you be focused and take immediate action if someone attacks you letting you react faster. Avoid getting distracted because if you are not concentrating then you will succumb to your death soon.


There is a lot of excitement among players to play the Dead Ops 3 as it offers hours of entertainment keeping the gamers glued to their seats for hours together. The game wants you to be equipped with a firearm to chew your way through the undead. But there is much more that this game has to offer. While you may come across many tips and tricks that promise to guide you through the game, in the end, it is all about skill and teamwork that preserves you and your squad all along.

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