How to take Care of Your Lawn as a Beginner 

Rohan Mathew

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There are many reasons why you should invest in exterior décor if you are looking forward to selling your home this year. The competition in the real estate market is quite stiff, and today, most homebuyers are only investing in the best value property out there. To give your property or house an upper hand in the listings, you have to go the extra mile—work on the exterior, and the lawn, to be specific.

As a beginner making your lawn can be quite a challenge, and you can reach out to sport flooring from for help. Here are some tips to help you take care of your lawn and improve your property value, 

  1. Weed on time 

Your lawn is likely to outgrow during the winter if you don’t prune or weed it. In most lawns, there are weeds you cannot keep off even when you apply herbicides. Therefore, if you notice any weeds in your backyard, the best you can do is get the right tools to weed them. 

You can use your hands to uproot the weeds or apply a handled weeder like a hoe to remove the deep-rooted weeds from your lawn. If you decide to apply herbicide on your lawn, ensure you observe instructions’ from the manufacturer to avoid any damages on the property.

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  1. Remove all thatches 

An accumulation of organic debris and grass blades can cause dead patches on your lawn. These are perfect avenues for weeds, and you must remove them as soon as possible. Inspect your lawn regularly for any signs of hard patches and use the right tools to remove the thatch. Your yard can take up to four weeks to recover after de-thatching, but you will love the results. 

  1. Keep the lawn aerated 

Proper aeration of your yard is often the right move if you want it to look perfect. You can find out if your lawn is aerated properly by observing the root penetration. Dig some sections of the yard to examine the plant roots. If the roots don’t extend two inches below, it means your lawn is not well aerated. 

Before aerating the lawn, you should water twice a day for two consecutive days. After aerating the lawn, ensure you add some sand or compost to it.

  1. Mow your grass the right way

Maintaining a greener lawn is not that easy if you cannot mow or trim the grass appropriately. When mowing the lawn, cut the grass at least 1/3 from the top. Keep the grass at least 2.5 -3 inches tall. With tall grass, you undermine the germination and growth of undergrowth weeds. This way, you keep your lawn free of any unwanted plants. Additionally, you should ensure you mow your lawn between 45 and 90 for a perfect look and ensure the grass grows upright and reduces soil compaction.

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Final Thoughts  

You can always make your lawn a perfect place to chill out if done the right way. If you want to improve your property’s feasibility and exterior look, you must invest in taking care of the lawn. Employ these four tips to maintain your lawn and boost your home value.