How to Throw a Kid Friendly Halloween Party

Rohan Mathew


It’s your favorite time of the year and you want to throw a Halloween party for all of your friends—which may very well include their children. After all, parents want to take their kids Trick-or-Treating and take those great photos of their littles in their costumes.  

No problem: you can throw the best party of the year and make it fun for the kiddoes and parents alike. Here are some ideas on how you can throw a kid-friendly Halloween party this year. 

Plan a costume competition for the big people

You want to avoid having the little ones feel bad if they don’t win a costume party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the big people competing for “best costume of the year.” While some busy moms or dads could be happy with their Halloween shirts for women or men, some people may go all out with their Halloween outfits. Why not have the kids be a part of judging the costumes? After all, they say that kids always speak the truth. 

Get a piñata

If your friends are bringing their kids to your party and skipping out on trick or treating in the neighborhood, a fabulous way to make sure that the kids get some candy for Halloween is to use a piñata, which not only provides the little ones (and if adults if they love sweets too), but it’s also a great way to do something fun during the party for everyone, little and big alike. 

Whether you go the route of healthy snacks or choose the typical basic Halloween candy, you can be sure that everyone will be happy for the sweet treats. 

Suggest care with Halloween costumes

While you don’t want to limit your guests from what they can and cannot wear, especially if some people love going all out on Halloween, make sure to make a note of children attending the party on your Halloween invitations, in case there are sensitive kids who could be easily frightened. While some children love scary costumes, others could be easily scared, not realizing it’s just an outfit. As a rule, clowns are never a good Halloween costume, don’t you think? 

Consider a movie for the kids

When throwing a party for kids and grownups alike, it’s important to set up activities where everyone will be happy and entertained. Consider setting up a movie night for the little ones after some fun and games for them, as they will likely get tired pretty early on while parents may want to socialize longer. 

With a fun movie on Hulu, the kids can relax while being entertained but allows grownups to still get some party time. Pro tip: don’t put on something that will have the kids crying in fright. 

Make fun Halloween snacks

Making funny or scary snacks is fun for both children and big people alike. It doesn’t matter how old you are, eating hot dogs made to look like fingers or eating sweets that are designed to appear like real eyeballs, it’s creepy yet funny to snack on weird Halloween treats. If you’re creative, you could do some DIY snacks. If you need help, look for a local Halloween treat caterer to deliver the goods before your party. 

In Conclusion

The balance of having a kid-friendly party that is also fun for grownups requires careful planning and thinking ahead. However, it’s a great way to bring everyone together, from parents to singles, and all of your circle, so that you can all share a holiday bash, regardless of where you’re at in life.