Hurela Hair: Most Popular Human Hair Wigs

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Hurela Hair: Most Popular Human Hair Wigs

It’s a romantic season and there’s no better way to step into summer than with a gorgeous new hairstyle. Whether you’re looking for a new wig hairstyle or to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, we’re here with our favorite natural-looking wigs and hairstyles for 2022, as well as gorgeous hair colors for 2022.

The highlighted wigs are your best choice. 2022 new arrival highlights colored hair on human hair wigs. Being a fashion girl is no longer beyond her reach. What’s special about lace wigs is that we believe every girl deserves to own one and show off her charm.

Hurela Hair is all 100% virgin human hair, which means you can use a curling iron to create your own hairstyle. Also, you can enjoy the wonderful experience that wigs of different colors and styles bring to you. You can wear them to parties, lunch dates, cosplay and anywhere!

What do you know about fashionable highlight wigs? Today we will share with you the details of the highlight wig & v part wig. Follow the reading!

Highlight Wigs:

Highlights are simply haircuts that are lighter than your natural color. If your base color is brown, you can add highlights that are light brown, or even brown hair with blonde highlights. For blondes, blonde highlights incorporate light blonde shades. It is important to note that there are different types of highlighting techniques.

Highlight wigs have many different hairstyles. Brown hair with blonde highlights, dark hair with brown highlights, lace front wig with highlights, bob wig with highlights, curly wig with highlights, wig with highlights with headband, black wig with red/pink/green highlights , and more. You can find more and more human hair wigs in the market that have highlights.

The Features Of Highlight Wig

  • Pre-made natural hairline. The front of the wig is already stretched, so cutting the hair is as easy as natural human hair.
  • This is a lace front wig, the lace is transparent, invisible and undetectable. It can bleach knots, no fake scalp needed. This type of hair material is comfortable and breathable.
  • The wig cap can be adjusted. There is a strap on the back of the wig, you can adjust the size to fit your head. The band we use is flexible, with an average size between 54cm and 58cm. If you have a specific size on the wig, you can contact our customer service before placing the order.
  • There are 4 clips on the side of the wig cap. It can install your wig on your head. Don’t be afraid that the wig will come off.
  • Different hair densities. 130%, 150% and 180% hair density available. Different hair densities meet the needs of different people. If you want to have a thick hair wig, you can choose 180% hair density.
  • The size of the lace on the front of the wig cap is different. There are 4 x 4 inches, 13 x 4 inches, and 13 x 6 inches. 13×6 inch hair is suitable for a deeper hairline that is more natural.
  • Highlight lace wig uses 100% real human hair with no chemicals or processing. Hair can be colored, curled and straightened. A hair wig is as natural as your own hair growing on your scalp.

What is a V part wig?

A V-part wig, also known as a thin part wig, is an upgraded version of a U-part wig. It comes with a mesh cap with a knot on the cap to give the hair a more natural look. A V-part wig is very similar to a U-part wig, except that it has a V-shaped opening at the top, which is thinner than a U-part unit. A v part wig is also a protective style wig, it allows you to leave a bit of your natural hair in the front. So if you have very thin front hair or don’t want to deal with your natural hair at all, a v-part wig is probably your closest match.

What’s more about V-part wigs?

As an emerging wig style, there are more features you need to know about the V-part wig. It is glueless and laceless. The V-shaped opening enables you to wear your real scalp creating a natural hairline creating a natural hairline. And the hair itself will match your natural hair roots perfectly. The V part wig has 5 clips, 3 combs, and an adjustable strap to secure the wig to you, making the application process super easy. It only takes you a few minutes to put on and take off the wig. Moreover, this protective unit also helps in hair growth. Wearing a V-part wig means you don’t have to mess with your hair, so you’ll have a break in your scalp and no more suffering from hair loss.

Who Should Get a V-Part Wig?

A V part wig is a beginner friendly type. If you are new to wigs and find lace fitting more difficult than ever, then a v-part wig will suit you perfectly. And if you have sensitive skin or need to hide a bald head or other hair problems, a V-part wig is also one of your best fits. It protects your scalp well, meanwhile, adds volume or length to your hair. More importantly, a v-part wig will give you a completely natural look with no glue marks, lace holes, or messy baby hair. A U-part wig may require a lot of leave-in which requires a wig wearer with thicker hair. With this super thin part wig, you can change your hairstyle to your liking even if you have very short hair.

Where to buy cheap wigs?

Is there a hairstyle that warms your heart, are you looking or rocking? Rock highlight lace wig, enjoy different summer. Highlight wigs & v part wigs are common for women who are ready to update their look. If you are looking for these hair wigs seller, please try Hurela Hair.