Importance Of Product Research On Amazon

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Importance Of Product Research On Amazon

Product research on Amazon refers to obtaining data related to any particular product category with an aim to gain a better understanding of what exactly customers are looking for. This research is aimed at gaining valuable insights into what products have the potential to generate high demand and sales. While embarking on product research, you need to already have a product idea and assess its market value. Alternatively, if you’re struggling with the very idea for a product you can use a tool for Amazon Product Ideas. This will help you make your choice from proven Amazon best-sellers, trending products, and successful new releases.

Why do you need to conduct Amazon product research?

Owing to how competitive the Amazon marketplace is, it’s important to find the right niche and product to sell. The aspect of product research is often undermined therefore we’re here to emphasize its importance. 

Here’s why product research is important for a successful Amazon FBA business.

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Get your basics right

You need to validate your product idea in accordance with several important criteria. Amazon Product research helps you understand if you’re offering something that is fresh, unique, and authentic to shoppers. If there are several others selling the same thing, product research will help you understand whether it’s worth entering into the Amazon marketplace with the same product. 

Whether it is a product that can be sold all year round or seasonally, this research will give you all the important insights into what your profit margins will look like. Setting the right price range is extremely vital prior to launch any product. Therefore, product research provides you with a good standpoint on all these basics.

Best way to discover new opportunities and niches

If you have a target market in mind and want to attract only those specific customers instead of a large common audience, then product research is very important. It facilitates finding the perfect niche so that you can reduce the risk of your product idea turning out to be unsuccessful. Your research coupled with analyzing the product’s search volume and demand will reveal whether there is low or no demand at all for your product. This kind of assessment is vital to improving visibility for your products and attracting more customers.

Amazon product research is also important when it comes to discovering unexplored niches which can give you brand new product ideas that solve new customer pain points and problems. Consumers’ preferences and tastes are ever-evolving and you need to constantly fulfill them. If not, your competitors will rise to the occasion and benefit from it while you lose out. 

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Price your products competitively

With product research, you will also analyze competitors’ pricing strategies. You will then have a better understanding of how you should go about pricing your products as well. You need to sell it at a price that customers are willing to pay while also ensuring that you earn a good return on investment. If you price it too high, you will not be able to generate any sales. 

Remember, when customers are shopping on Amazon, an economical price is one of the main things they look for. Your product’s cost will determine how successful it will be and how much sales it can generate and this is exactly what your product research will help you understand. 

Sourcing quality products 

Amazon is big on product quality and standards. Your product research is what will help you with quality product sourcing at the most economical price. As an Amazon seller, you need to find the best suppliers to source your products from, who ensure authenticity. Without high-quality products, your listing is bound to receive negative reviews and your performance as a seller will suffer. 

In order to attract customers, products are often priced very low. This often means sellers will compromise on quality. But at the same time, high quality doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to price your products exorbitantly. Therefore, this is where product research comes into play and helps you strike a balance between finding the best manufacturers with high-quality products and at economical prices.

Check out this video to know about amazon product sourcing

Assessing your competition and demand

Product research is very important to stay ahead of the competition because it provides you with well-planned goals and objectives not just momentarily, but for your business in the long run as well. As a seller, you need to be aware of how competitive the market is prior to product launch on Amazon. 

You must analyze competitor sales using an Amazon Sales Estimator to have a good idea as to how many units your competitor sells along with how many units a product in general sells in each category and uncover which ones have the highest potential. If there is fierce competition, then the more difficult it will be for your product to break even and be successful on Amazon.

Make use of product research tools 

Product research can seem overwhelming because of the various factors involved in it. However, there are product intelligence tools that make it extremely easy to conduct and draw conclusions. SellerApp’s Product Research tool is one such tool designed to help you find the best products by analyzing changes in ratings, pricing, and BSR ranks of the ones you’re tracking. They provide you with winning product ideas by analyzing different metrics from a database of over 35 million Amazon products and millions of data points.

Try the free SellerApp Chrome Extension for a glimpse into the efficiency of SellerApp’s Product Research tools. 


Product Research is a very important part of the Amazon selling process. In addition to helping find the most successful products to launch, it is also crucial to sustaining your FBA business. It provides data that is essential for effective product management at each stage of the life-cycle. Its importance lies in the fact that it reduces the risks associated with ill-informed product ideas and equips sellers to survive in a highly competitive global marketplace.

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