Ins and outs of getting car warranty insurance for a Porsche

Rohan Mathew

It goes without saying that you should select the best car warranty insurance for all car makes so that your prized possession stays in the pink of health always. The enjoyment of driving the car depends a lot on the kind of service support that can be arranged for it. 

This is especially true after the statutory warranty of the manufacturer has expired. In order to enjoy similar benefits of service support that you had enjoyed so far, it is quite natural that you would like to stay attached to the manufacturer for service support that if offered in the form of car warranty insurance

If you insist on the best auto warranty insurance companies, then simply weed out brokers and third party service providers from the list and concentrate of those who enjoy the backing of the manufacturer. This would ensure quality service by using genuine spare parts that adds more life to the vehicle. Other parameters that have to be evaluated have been discussed in this post.

Complete care or partial?

Although car warranty insurance is meant to provide support for upkeep of the vehicle it would be a mistake to assume that the entire car is within the scope of service. All car warranties are not alike and differ in the extent of service that is provided.  Some warranties stipulate that only specific parts and components of the vehicle are covered whereas there are other warranties that service the complete vehicle. Different parts of the vehicle might have different span of warranty cover and some parts might have much shorter period of warranty cover than the full tenure of warranty.

Get wear and tear included

Car warranty insurance companies keep away from covering repairs that arise from wear and tear whereas this is the most vulnerable point that you should get covered, because extended car warranty begins when the car is at least three years of age. There are a few companies that include repairs from wear and tear in the warranty but even if it does not, check the possibility of getting it included at extra cost.

See what is covered

The span of coverage for repairs is very important for any car warranty because it is quite different from the statutory warranty of manufacturers which is usually denoted as bumper to bumper meaning everything included. Car warranty insurance has inbuilt limitations that has to be understood in order to envisage the extent of coverage. There are defined limits on spending that is allowed on different types of repairs. There even might be some excesses that have to be borne by you. 

Capabilities of service provider

Concentrating too much on the commercial aspects and the reputation of brands and car makes might result in overlooking the qualitative aspects of the warranty. But do not forget to evaluate the capabilities of the service provider by checking their credentials and obtaining some references to gauge their response time in attending to complaints and the speed of claim settlement.

And at the end, link the price to the returns to judge its correctness.