Major Metal Recycling Facts That You Ought To Know About

Rohan Mathew


One of the many materials that we tend to utilise daily is metal. Our cars, trains, buildings and the like – these are all made from metal. Even the smartphone that you’re using to read this blog also contains metal. Therefore, there’s no doubt that metal has become an inseparable part of our lives.  

However, it should be known that just like any other resources on the earth’s crust, the supply of metal ores are also limited and over-usage will directly lead to quicker depletion of metal ores. As a result, our future generations won’t be able to develop as they would want. Such is the reason why metal recycling is essential. Thus, to help you know more about metal recycling, we are listing some of the most important facts that you should learn about. 

Top Metal Recycling Facts

  • The Most Recycled Metal In The World Is Steel

According to Toyota car wreckers in Sydney, steel not only comes from food cans but also cars & construction scraps. The good news is that – that scrapped steel can be utilised further to make new steel parts simply by recycling. And since steel is a very versatile material, it has several different applications. 

Usually, steel as metal tends to have an average lifespan between 35 and 40 years, after which the steel-based item needs to be scrapped. 

  • Less Energy Is Utilised When Recycling Aluminium

In case you’re unaware, then you must know that recycling aluminium will only absorb or require five per cent of the total energy that is required to make new aluminium. Such is the reason why most of the aluminium in the USA comes from recycled aluminium. It’s indeed very cost-effective and efficient in the long term. 

  • It Doesn’t Take Much Time To Recycle Metals

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that metal recycling is a very fast process. For instance, it will only take a maximum of two months for scrap aluminium to be recycled, reused for making cans and arriving on the shelves of a retail store. 

  • Metal Recycling Can Help In Reducing Air Pollution

You must remember that recycling steel will reduce the air pollution meter by almost 86 per cent while water pollution will be reduced by 76 per cent. That’s why it’s very crucial to recycle because you not only reduce energy usage but also environmental pollution.

  • Tin & Aluminium Can Last For Decades

A simple tin can will take around 50 years to be decomposed, while on the other hand, an aluminium canister can take anywhere between 200 to 500 years to get fully decomposed. 

So, if you don’t recycle these metals and instead junk them, it can prove to be a serious burden on the environment.