Is It Possible To Win Something While Sending Money Home?

Rohan Mathew

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The answer is YES! Transfer money to Pakistan, and you will get a chance to win amazing rewards.

The finest global transfer service provider has teamed up with Pakistan’s best bank to provide its respective customers international remittance services as they’ve never seen before. Overseas Pakistanis may now transfer money to Pakistan quickly and securely from anywhere. 

Why is ACE the best payment system to transfer money to Pakistan?

With the digital transformation leap the world has taken, ACE Money Transfer and HBL have incorporated the most cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology into their daily operations. In terms of services, the innovative duo complements each other with a strong focus on customer service, security, and convenience.

ACE Money Transfer, a registered name of “Aftab Currency Exchange Limited,” is a Manchester-based company that provides online money remittance services from the UK, EU, and Australia. It has a wide network of 300,000+ locations spread across 100+ countries all over the world.

When compared to big banks and other well-known money transfer service providers, ACE offers unmatched conversion rates. For rapid remittance delivery, transfer money to Pakistan online with a debit/credit card or straight to any bank account using various payment options.

Using ACE remittance services is a piece of cake; transactions are completed in only a few steps. When you use ACE Money Transfer, you do not need to worry about tedious processes and actions.

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WIN Something while sending money home with ACE & HBL: 

The ACE and HBL Promotions urge people in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia to transfer money to Pakistan. ACE Money Transfer, a prominent online remittance provider, and HBL, Pakistan’s largest commercial bank, have launched a joint customer promotion.

Individuals who transfer money to Pakistan using ACE Money Transfer from the UK, EU, or Australia and collect their funds via an HBL account at any HBL branch in Pakistan will be eligible for significant incentives as part of this promotional campaign.

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ACE & HBL Offer – Terms & Conditions

The thrilling ACE Money Transfer and HBL incentives are back. If you send money to Pakistan using ACE Money Transfer once a week to any HBL Bank, you will get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and a new Toyota Yaris.

  1. From August 1, 2021, to September 30, 2021, this ACE Money Transfer and HBL offer are valid.
  2. All cash pickup and bank deposit transactions completed and paid through HBL will be put into a lucky draw during the stated dates.
  3. A draw will be performed for transactions done through ACE from an eligible nation between the offer days.
  4. Senders will receive a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phone, while recipients will receive a brand new Toyota Yaris.
  5. The remitter might designate a person in Pakistan to accept the vehicle on their behalf.
  6. The lucky draw will only include purchased purchases.
  7. Make as many transactions as you like every day to increase the number of entries.
  8. Once a week, a lucky draw will be held.
  9. Any personal, advance, and/or withholding taxes incurred as a consequence of the incentives obtained via this contest are the responsibility of the winner, and ACE assumes no obligation in this regard.
  10. ACE will notify the winners by sending an email or phone call.
  11. The business reserves the right to alter the dates specified.
  12. The company has full authority to use the winners’ information for promotional purposes.
  13. The business reserves the right to alter the dates specified.
  14. This is a one-time promotion that cannot be combined with other discounts or exchanged for cash.
  15. This program is not available to HBL Bank employees.