What You Need to Know About Title Loans

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Auto owners can use their title loan to secure financing when they are facing a financial emergency. Borrowers seek the non-traditional loans to pay for medical costs, repairs, or other financial crises. The lenders provide financial help for individuals who don’t have great credit and cannot get financing from a traditional lender. The loans are available quickly and prevent borrowers from waiting a long time for the deposit. Lenders offer auto owners a way to avoid serious financial problems and manage their current financial demands. Reviewing title loans shows the borrowers what to expect when applying and repaying the loans.

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What are Title Loans?

Title loans are a loan product that allows auto owners to use their vehicle title as collateral to secure financing. The loan is available for a limited time, and the individual must repay the loan according to the terms of the loan. To get a title loan, the borrower must complete an application with their preferred lender. Auto owners who need a title loan can submit their application online now.

What are the Requirements for the Title Loans?

The lender explains all requirements for the title loans. First, the individual must have a title in their name and doesn’t have a lien against it. Borrowers cannot secure financing by using their automobile title if they owe another party or lender. The title will have a listing on the front if there is a lien.

Next, the individual must have evidence of their income. Most title loan lenders require at least two pay stubs to show how much they earn each month. A standard title loan is a 30-day loan, and it will not exceed the full value of the automobile.

How Do Lenders Calculate the Loan Amount?

The title loan lender will calculate the loan amount by completing an appraisal for the vehicle on-site. They deduct any visible damage from the Kelley Blue Book value for the vehicle. The age and model of the automobile defines its value in the Kelley Blue Book. Once the lender finishes their assessment, they present the highest loan amount available to the borrower. The borrower chooses an amount according to their current financial needs.

How Long Do Customers Have to Repay the Loan?

The maturity date for the standard title loan is 30 days from the date on the contract. The borrower must pay the full amount of the loan with the applied interest on the maturity date of the loan contract. However, if the lender provides an installment plan, the borrower may submit payments for a predetermined amount of time. The lender provides all details about the payments, maturity date, and the interest applied to the loan when presenting the borrower with a loan offer. Once the borrower accepts the loan, they sign the documents, and the lender sends the full amount of the loan to the bank account listed on the borrower’s loan application.

Can They Renew the Title Loans?

Yes, the borrower can renew a standard title loan if they are unable to repay the full balance. To renew the loan, the borrower pays the current interest for the loan, and they receive an additional 30 days to repay the loan. If the borrower pays off the loan completely, they have the option of renewing the loan or increasing the loan amount later. There aren’t any restrictions on how often the individual can renew their title loan, however, some lenders may have a cooling-off period that requires the borrower to wait one week before renewing it.

What are the Benefits of the Title Loans?

The benefits of a title loan start with zero credit checks, and borrowers do not need perfect credit for a title loan. Typically, the lenders cater to individuals who have bad credit and cannot get financing through a traditional lender. Next, the borrower can use the money however they want, and the lenders do not impose any restrictions on the loan.

It’s a great way to manage sudden medical expenses, home repairs, and other financial emergencies. The borrowers can get the money quickly, and it doesn’t require an extended application process. Most borrowers can apply for the loans online and receive a loan offer through their preferred lenders. Online lenders send their offer to the borrower through email. The borrower can complete all documents online, and the lender collects information from the automobile title.

The auto owner can drive their automobile throughout the full duration of the title loan. The lender has details from the title, or they have the title in their possession. The individual can continue to use their vehicle however they choose.

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What Happens If They Don’t Repay The Loans?

If the auto owner defaults on their title loan, the lender can repossess the vehicle. Typically, the lender will send a repossession company to acquire the vehicle, or the borrower can bring the automobile to the lender’s location. They will sell the vehicle at an auction to collect the full amount of the loan.

Since it is a title loan, the loan isn’t reported to the credit bureau, and it won’t appear on the borrower’s credit report. The only way the borrower can avoid the repercussions of defaulting is to pay the interest and renew the loan. However, the individual must contact their lender ahead of time to make these arrangements.

Auto owners review ways to generate fast cash when they are facing a financial emergency. If the individual doesn’t have great credit scores, the individual could seek financing through another opportunity. A title loan is a way to get cash quickly and without a credit check. The lenders provide a loan according to the current value of the automobile, and the borrower uses their auto title as collateral for the loan. They can submit their application online and receive a loan offer through their email. The title loans are available as a 30-day loan or an installment loan. Reviewing how the title loans work helps the individual review the benefits of the loans and decide if it is right for them.