Is the smart scale worth buying?

Rohan Mathew

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With the ongoing development in technology, the bathroom scales are getting smarter every day. Now, they are not just bathroom scales that only weigh weight but have become smart enough to analyse and track various body metrics by communicating with smart apps.

Well, you can say that the smart meters are nothing special. It just measures your weight and estimates your BMI with the height you add in the app. Why spend money on convenience when you can do it manually and save some money?

But that not at all true. Smart scales are designed to give you something more than just weight and BMI, which you can’t measure manually. So, our answer is “Smart scales are worth buying”.

Exactly how they are worthy?

To know how smart scales can be your best friend in the journey of getting fit and why it worth your money, check this article out!

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Our Body and Smart Scales

Before we get into the usefulness of smart scales, let us understand our body and its relationship with the smart scale.

Our body is made up of two major components – fat mass and lean mass. The former is the fat layer that forms the cushioning cover for our body, while the latter consists of muscles, bones, organs, and water.

It’s not like that the fat mass is something we must keep away from our bodies. On the contrary, it helps our body to maintain body temperature, forms cushions for the joints and protects the internal organs. So, both masses are equally crucial for the proper functioning of the body.

However, when we engage ourselves in intense exercises, our body’s excess fat mass gets replaced with healthy muscles, and we get a toned figure. But since the muscles are heavier due to less water content than the fat mass, we sometimes can’t budge the meter scale or end up gaining more kilos.

Now in this situation, if we use regular weighing scales and see the unwaved results, of course, our reactions will be, “Oh man! I am not working out enough.” Standard meters only let us know our body’s total heaviness- not the weight of the fat and lean masses separately.

This is why just weighing ourselves is not enough; we must know our overall body composition to call ourselves “fit and healthy”. And this is where smart scales come into the game.

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What can Smart Scales measure?

Along with the few mandatory metrics like weight, BMI, water mass, fat percentage, etc., few smart scales are designed to evaluate various body metrics like hydration, protein, etc.

So, lets us see everything that smart scales offer us-


This metric tells you about your body’s overall weight – includes both fat and lean masses weight.


BMI (Body Mass Index) estimates the average weight of the body that lays in per square unit area of the body. This metrics is considered one of the essential factors when deciding whether you have a healthy weight. It is directly proportional to your weight, so an increase in weight will cause an escalation in your BMI.

However, BMI doesn’t consider whether the source of weight is from lean mass or fat mass.

Body fat percentage

This metric tells you about the percentage of weight due to the fat mass in your body. To put it simply, the body fat percentage (BFP) tells you about the amount of fat you have.

However, BFP fails to tell you about the exact location of the fat in your body.

Muscle mass

Every time you undergo intense exercises, your fat mass gets replaced by a healthy muscle mass. The muscle mass metric tells you about the amount of muscle mass you have gained by toiling so hard over the yoga mats or in the gym.

Bone mass

This metric tells you whether you have enough bone mass or not.

Lack of calcium can cause a drop in your bone density, sometimes leading to bone diseases like osteopenia and osteoporosis. However, when you use a smart scale, it indicates this deficiency beforehand, and you can prevent future bone loss or slow the process to have fewer future problems.

Hydration level

The number you see on the scale is positively affected by the amount of water your body retains. When the water level is low, the fat readings will be higher than expected despite being healthy. So, keeping yourself hydrated is vital to get more accurate results.

The smart scale can help you to check your body’s water level.


The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy your body requires while it is totally at rest. That means the only amount of energy needed to maintain your vital organs like the heart, lungs, liver, etc.

You can get an estimated value of BMR using smart scales.

Heart rate

Some of the smart scales are designed to analyse your pulse rate and the other body composition metrics. A healthy heartbeat rate is also an indication of a healthy body.

Protein rate

There are few smart scales available in the market that are devised to measure the protein amount in your body. This is another way you can control body fats, as lack of protein can be linked to an escalation in fats.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat is the one that is stored in the abdominal cavity near several vital organs like the liver, stomach, and intestines. So, this is the type of fat we all want to avoid.

Few advanced technologies added smart meters exist in the market that can differentiate between healthy fat and unwanted fat and let you know its percentage.

Skeleton muscle

These are the voluntary muscles, also known as striated muscles. These muscles are significant for performing your day-to-day work and need to be at a percentage of 45-50% in your body. For example, your biceps are a skeleton muscle.

Modified smart scales are capable of measuring skeleton muscles.

Buy Smart Scale

Smart Weighing Scales are widely available. I would suggest you buy one online because you get more options than offline sellers. You can check the Best Smart Scale in India from BWS to find a great smart scale.


While daily-used-tools are getting high-tech, it very difficult to differentiate between the unnecessarily gimmicky and truly helpful.

However, smart scales come to the latter category. Though these scales do not differ much in looks from the traditional ones, they can give you a lot more.

What’s more?

You don’t need to learn new tricks and tips to use the scales. Just step on it, and it can measure your body composition in addition to weight. Moreover, the smart scales can get sync with any smart app on your smartphone. This makes analysis and storing data super easy. On top of that, smart apps allow you to see all these body metrics in the form of graphs, trends, and stats.

But it would be best if you always remembered, these smart scales are not so accurate. These are just a rough estimation of body metrics. So, you don’t have to live or die by its number.

However, they are a great way to see the changing difference and keep yourself motivated.

So, if you are a fitness freak and want to follow the right way of getting fitter, your smart scale deserves your every penny.