Top food delivery platforms to help you save big

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Daydreaming for some cheesy pizza, Crispy burger, or a bowl of a healthy salad. Well, cooking it all can be tedious, and going outside can be a little risky. So, should you just stop thinking about food? Well, that would be a punishment we never want, so we bring to you the top delivery platforms which help satisfy your craving while also helping you save big. At Grubhub you can enjoy free delivery along with massive discounts with Grubhub coupons up to 25% on all your orders. So, what are you waiting for?

The days of calling into a restaurant and dictating everything you want to order are over, food delivery apps are the future. With just some clicks and some swipes, now order food online from the top food delivery platforms through which you can save big.

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Best Food Delivery Platforms to save big

While there are various online food delivery platforms, with also the similar restaurants listed, it is important to choose the ones which offer great discounts and savings to their customers on each order. Some of these platforms are:

  1. Pizza Hut: Well, if you are cravings for cheesy pizzas and creamy pasta then there is only one option you have, Pizza Hut. Providing the best pizza, apart from the restaurants’ Pizza Hut also delivers your favorite pizza, hot from the oven at your doorstep. Not just Pizza you can explore the other side options and drinks also available on Pizza Hut through their online menu available on both app and website. Apart from the delivery, you do not have to worry about the payment as Pizza Hut offers a 30% discount on all its orders along with completely contactless Delivery to keep you and your family safe.
  2. Meals By chef B: It is a “Chef Forward” company created by a CHEF and owned by a CHEF.  Simply put – “FOOD and Client Satisfaction comes first!” Quality, flavor, everything down to the garnish is done for the enjoyment of our food not only profit! We feel that a Chef owned and operated business lends itself to much more care and appreciation of the products, ingredients, and clients! On top of all of that, we are one of the few Meal Delivery Companies in South Florida, if not the only, that offers all of our meals in Family Portions AND we have a Kids Menu! We know that life gets busy and it’s not just about feeding mom and dad! We think that when you try us you’ll experience the difference!
  3. KFC: From Yummy Burger to popcorns, meals, and chicken grills, the KFC menu is just mouth-watering. So why wait for long, order our favorite chicken meal from KFC at just $20 without stepping out of the house, through their in-house online ordering platform. If you order your KFC chicken from Grubhub you can also enjoy free delivery through Grubhub coupons. So, enjoy the yummy looking chicken from KFC now.
  4. Uber Eats: Famous for its timely delivery, Uber Eats is one of the top platforms to order your favorite food. You can also save up to 50% on Uber Eats by using the right coupon code while placing your order. UberEats offers you the freedom of choice with a number of restaurants listed on it. Now do not restrict yourself and mismatch your order from various restaurants and make your buffet. Presently Uber Eats is also offering 2 weeks of free delivery to all its customers by using the coupon code.
  5. Doordash: Whether it is morning, evening, or night, Doordash ensures on-demand restaurant delivery service that delivers breakfast, lunch, and dinner from your favorite restaurants. With Doordash you can enjoy contactless free delivery along with 25% off on food orders from your favorite restaurants.
  6. Grubhub: With over 50000 restaurants in 1000+ cities, Grubhub is one of the top online food delivery platforms which ensures hot food delivery at your doorstep along with great Grubhub coupons up to 30% off. Just download the app and either choose your desired cuisine and you will be shown the restaurant options or choose the restaurant and find the cuisine of your choice. Now just with a tap, you can get your food delivered straight to you.
  7. Subway: Looking for healthy food options online and not sure what to order, search no more. Subway has a wide range of options to choose healthy food for your diet. Now order online from Subway with their in-house food delivery platform, you can now order 2 footlong subway at just $10.
  8. Ruby Tuesday: Available around the country, order your food from Ruby Tuesday at home. You can also enjoy free delivery along with a family pasta pack at just $40. Do not forget to collect your free Sanitizer on sign up.

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In 2020 life has become easy with the digital age, leverage the most of it as and when required. With so many options to choose from stepping out of the house for food is not a necessity, you can now Savour your favorite food at the comfort of your house. Why eat in one restaurant when you can enjoy the flavors of multiple restaurants by ordering food online. Download the app now and choose from the various options available. Enjoy Hot food delivered at your doorstep with your friends and family. Do not worry about safety, as most of these apps are providing free contactless delivery to all its customers, to keep both the customers as well as the delivery personnel’s safe.