Jackets: A Style Statement

Rohan Mathew

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New styles come and go everyday in the fashion industry. But jackets are forever stylish. You can enhance your look just by adding a simple jacket to it. They complete and complement the outfit. They can be used on casual wear and are a must during special events.

Jackets also protect you from rain and winds. They keep you warm in cold weather. Do you know about the various types and styles of jackets that are trending now? We are here to tell you about a few super cool jackets that will showcase your personality.

Here are a few must have jackets for men

Bomber jacket

These are short and durable jackets with a zippered front.  These jackets have fitted or elastic waist and cuffs.They are also known as flight jackets, since they were first originated from the US air force. These give a stylish touch to a casual outfit. They are available in various fabric types like leather, nylon and wool. They are one of the most commonly used jackets by men.

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Biker jacket

Biker jackets are perfect for that rebellious side in you. You can still rock in this jacket even if you don’t have a bike. These short and close fitting jackets will give you a stylish and tough look. These jackets are majorly made of black leather to give that bold appeal. These jackets also have silver front zips and studs, which draw the attention of everybody passing by.

Trucker jacket

These short and fitted jackets are often found in blue denim, while other colour options like black and brown also exist. These front buttoned jackets have been one of the most favourite jackets amongst men for a long time now. They also have double chest pockets that make these jackets more cool and functional. These jackets are also available in suede styles, shearling trim designs and many more. Trucker jackets are a perfect choice for casual wear.

Denim jackets

These are one of the most versatile jackets available. They can be styled in countless ways. These jackets go well with t-shirts, shirts and sweaters too. They can be used in any season and any occasion. They are available in various colours like blue, black, brown, white etc. Wearing denim jackets will make you look stylish and cool.

Track jackets

Track jackets are one of the most trendy outerwear. Though they are designed for sports purposes, they can be used for various occasions. These are extremely comfortable and lightweight. The style of a track jacket features front zip with ribbed cuffs and waistband. You can wear them with matching track pants or even jeans.

Hooded jacket

Hooded jackets or commonly known as hoodies are both functional and stylish. They protect your hair and head from being wet when it rains. They give a cool look very effortlessly. These jackets are available in various styles, colours and patterns. These jackets are comfortable and cozy too.


A parka is a hip length coat specially designed for cold weather. Parkas often have a fur lined hood. These jackets are stuffed with down or synthetic fibres. These are very comfortable and warm. These jackets can turn your boring look into ultra stylish.

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Trench coat

Trench coats were initially worn by soldiers of the first world war. These coats provide warmth and keep you dry. These are an ideal garment during winters and autumns. These classic garments give an elegant and stylish appeal.

Tweed jackets

Tweed jackets are made out of tweed, a staple of traditional men’s wear made out of wool. Tweed is highly durable and moisture resistant fabric.These jackets have a soft and flexible texture. Tweed jackets can be used for both formal and informal purposes. Some of these jackets are made with good thickness to induce warmth. These are ideal for cold weather. While these jackets are also manufactured with less thickness, making them ideal for summers too.

Though tweed is in use from many decades, this classic outerwear never goes out of style.

This is a must have for every man.

Shearling jacket

This is one of the most comfortable and coziest jackets. These soft and warm outerwear are made of sheep’s wool. They provide great warmth during winters and also give a super cool look.

These are some of the must have jackets for men. These jackets can enhance any look, be it formal or informal. You can stand out of the crowd with these amazing jackets. They add volume to your outfit, making you look much stronger and bolder. Grab your jackets now and boost your personality.