Keep Your Finances on Track With These 9-Bullet Journal Ideas

Rohan Mathew

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Nobody wants to live their life from paycheck to paycheck.

Through time, saving money and paying for your personal loans from legal money lenders such as Cash Mart Singapore has been a dilemma.

However, no matter what technique they use it seems not enough. People end up using their savings for unexpected expenses.

What you must do? Have a strategic plan with your funds. Keep your finances on track. Use any of the following top 9 bullet journal ideas.

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What is Bullet Journal?

Recently, the term bullet journaling has been floating around the online platform. Don’t be confused about how it works and what it is used for.

Basically, a bullet journal is used to keep yourself organized especially on your finances. Another term for bullet journal as “bujo.”

Creating a bullet journal is beneficial. It gives you an opportunity to reflect and gain insight. In addition, it helps boost your productivity by 1000%. If applied to your financial life, it creates a huge difference.

It’s never too late you start your own bujo. You have many options to choose from. Find out which of the 9-bullet journal ideas fit your finances.

Amazing 9-Bullet Journal Ideas

Listed below are the most common bullet journal ideas to keep your finances on track. One of them definitely fits you.

Baby Steps to $1,000

Are you looking for a fantastic way to achieve a small financial goal? Try out the baby steps to $1,000.

With each step, you can see how good your financial progress is. Take small steps at first. Afterwards, set bigger goals to every new bullet journal spread.

Savings Goals Jar

Track your savings wisely with the next 9-bullet journal ideas. Remind yourself of the most important part of earning money. Save it for future financial expenses.

As you reach your financial goal, fill up the jar. Be satisfied as you can see how you save more money than before.

Spendings and Savings Tracker

Being creative with your financial trackers makes saving money more fun. But if you’re not up to too much design, you may utilize the spendings and savings tracker.

What’s the difference? It has a uniform style suited for your financial bullet journal. Once you complete the whole page, you can easily replicate another copy.

Income Tracker

People are obsessed with tracking their expenses. There’s a downside though, it doesn’t keep you from spending more.

For a change, try out the income tracker. Write down all your financial sources. Make sure to include when you received it and how you gained it. It is super functional that you can see in one glace on where you earned your money.

Goal Fund Bujo

Make saving money more fun with goal fund bujo. Use your creative mind whenever you keep your finances on track.

If you’re up to a specific goal this year, dedicate your funds in an imaginative way. Draw images that reflect respectively your financial goal. Be goal-oriented with your finances. Goal fund bujo is one of the best in the 9-bullet journal ideas chosen.

Easy Bill Tracker

Another way to design your bullet journal is through the easy bill tracker. View your monthly bills in a most organized way.

Jot down all your monthly dues. Cross out if you were able to settle it on time. No need to flip pages just to check if you still have pending dues.

Total Money Makeover

Total money makeover is like a financial checklist. All you want to accomplish is written in it. Tick off the goals you have completed.

Include in the checklist your life insurance, health insurance, credit cards and debt snowball. With this strategy, you can keep your finances on track.

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Debts Snowball

Among the 9-bullet journal ideas, the Debts Snowball is the least commonly used. Why? People prefer to list down all their financial goals and debts are not included.

If you have several cash loans from licensed moneylenders on your sleeves, you must try the debt snowball idea. Payoff your accounts strategically. Start up with the small balance first while paying the minimum on your larger debts. This technique is best applied for revolving credit like credit cards.

Gift Tracker

The holiday season makes a big hole in our pocket. People tend to overspend during the holiday time. Buying gifts for your loved ones is the topmost priority.

Luckily, a gift tracker for the budget bullet journal is created. List all the gift ideas you intend to purchase and where you’ll buy it. This way you can keep your finances on track while spending ultimate gifts.

Prepare for your future financially with the 9-bullet journal ideas. Keep your finances on track by considering your income, savings and spendings. Be one step ahead with your budget bullet journal. Add up your creative ideas leaving the stress behind caused by your expenses.