What are your favorite productivity hacks?

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Today in this pandemic period, most of us are doing work at home!

Also, in the modern era, people are too much busy with their professional and personal lives! So it doesn’t matter if you are into any business or job you need always to enhance your productivity.

It is necessary to save time in doing most of the work as desired.

Many people use different means of hacks to improve their focus during work. The standard options include;

– Starting your day from an Easy or a challenging task, and then move further.

– Play any Games to sharp-up your mind.

– Take the help of Workouts to gain energy for work.

– Listen to Music to soothe your mind.

– Prevent interruptions by using Do not Disturb or keeping your mobile silent.

– Using any productivity booster tools like smartphone apps.

– Making a note of the tasks to be done.

So, are you also using any hack from above to boost your working skills? Which one do you prefer to follow for yourself?

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Well, there are some more tasks in the list that people generally ignore but works as a great way to enhance their working skills;

1) Single Task at a Time

You might hear from many people who suggest you always perform more than one task to save time and be more productive. However, the reality is entirely different. As per researchers, multitasking can decrease the productivity of a person by about 40%.

Let us understand this by a simple logic! If you take the bite of different desserts and take them in your mouth together, then you will never enjoy the flavor of any one of them! Do not worry about the time, focus on one thing, give your best shot on it, and save the time for rework!

2) Waking up early in the Morning

Experts always suggest taking a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours! Additionally, you might hear of the common fact that ‘early to bed and early to rise keeps one fit and healthy’! No doubt, your mind is in refreshed state and focus well right after you awake from a nice sleep. You can start work earlier, and add more productivity hours for the day before you get exhausted till evening!

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3) Regular short Breaks

You might be feeling tired or bored of doing the same thing for a long time. If yes, then the best trick to boost your confidence to continue it is to take a short break of a few minutes. You can use this snap time in doing any of your favorite activities! At this time, try not to think about the work and let your nerves to take some rest from stress! It is a proven strategy that always works well!

Additionally, it has been studied that if you want to improve sleep, then work near natural light or near to the window. You can also follow a “Do it now” rule to perform Quick tasks in between your larger ones. So, if possible, you can check and reply to an important email in between doing your other primary job! So, there are many more hacks helpful to gain the necessary productivity skills in your day to day life.