Kerala Or Manali: Where To Head For The Honeymoon?

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Kerala OR Manali: Where To Head For The Honeymoon?

Every couple has unique expectations over Manali and Kerala depending on the locations and packages. There are many climatic, cultural, and location distinctions for which we choose such places. While Manali has superior winter and frost accumulation, no one can compare the great Kerala beaches with any other place. Both are signed with their views.

Manali tourist places have always been attractive for honeymooners, but recently we see a surge of visitors in Kerala. There are many factors to bring our hearts to the conclusion to choose between Kerala and Manali. It is not possible to visit these places at one go as one is in North and another one is in South. 

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See The Below-Listed Factors To Choose Your Honeymoon Destination.

Places In Manali:

There are many things to discuss for the places to visit near Manali. Apart from its glorious view, it is known as the preferable tourist and honeymoon destination. Infested by traffic, hotels, and shops, life goes with the same flow as Kolkata and Delhi. You can book a Manali holiday package for a trouble-free tour experience. The holiday package is significantly dependent on the visitors and related seasons.

You may go anywhere wherever your heart goes. Recently it lost the past tranquillity, but still, there are a lot of places to explore yourself. All nearby places would impose different kinds of experiences. 

Who will miss the great Himalayan views here? It is the central point of excitement for visitors, and even honeymooners are not the least. You may opt for trekking and paragliding activities via Solang Valley, Rothang Pass, Bhrigu Dam, etc. It is quite challenging to cover every place within a week. 

Places In Kerala:

The honeymoon destinations in Kerala are placed with mixed experiences. Here you will find the famous hill stations of Wayanad and Munnar. In the south, you will rarely miss Kannur and Kovalam beaches with backwaters. 

If you are fond of wild animals and historical locations, you may come here repeatedly but once for a honeymoon. You may expect everything within an affordable package except snow. 

The various destinations make the Kerala honeymoon place more idea-centric and beautiful. You may gather everything by capturing these memorable experiences. 

Weather In Manali:

No other places have picturesque views like Manali. It is everyone’s dream to visit the hill station Manali to experience the natural beauty with serenity. Be it the summer or scintillating winter, Manali always rocks with its welcoming view. 

If you want to grab snow or celebrate Christmas differently, Manali is the best location. For getting some pleasure in merciless summer, you may also visit here. Monsoon is the time when you are not recommended to visit here as you may get stuck on dangerous roadsides. 

Weather In Kerala:

It is quite worth experiencing beautiful weather in Kerala. The honeymoon places in Kerala are none other than a treat for couples. 

In monsoon, you may even enjoy the best and capture some memorable clicks. Kerala winter is famous for its tranquillity in hill stations, beaches, and backwaters. 

If you want privacy from crowds and you are willing to have a better evening, Kerala is the place to serve you the best retreat. 

Budget In Manali:

The budget will vary depending on the factors and the season you choose. Book your slot during early summer and late winter though it would be an expensive one. 

In monsoon, there is less traffic and hence you may pass your travel within less cost. But again, there are some risks associated with its roads. Manali is not a very big destination and so you may get into the traffic very easily. 

Budget In Kerala:

Budget is variable factors upon your choices in the itinerary. Here, hotels are affordable but then travel cost is more. If you do not want to skip anything, it will raise your existing budget as well. 

Gather some fun experiences by shifting the lodging base. Here, you are not bound to stay in luxury hotels, rather will find a homestay within your limit. It will give thumbs up to your choices and makes this destination always a preferred one for next visits. 

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Manali Hill Stations:

Although there is a range of hill stations, you may confuse yourself with similar views. Popular hill stations near Manaliinclude Naggar and Solang Valley.

For satisfying your travel thirst, you may get into Dharamshala Stadium, Kasauli, Shimla, and Kullu. 

Kerala Hill Stations:

The hill stations in South India are not less than North-eastern hill stations. Wayanad station has mountains, rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, tea plantations, and more trekking opportunities. 

Munnar has mountain lakes, valleys, wildlife, and tea gardens as well. Other hill stations should be explored to know in detail about Kerala. These include Ponmudi, Vagamon, Idukki, etc. 

Several stations are connected via a strong network, and you may cover it very soon. It offers a bulk of opportunities for travelers. 

Manali Beaches:

Manali is not nearer to the beaches. But you may take some clicks in waterfalls and valley lakes. 

Kerala Beaches:

Beaches are the main attraction for the honeymoon locations in Kerala. It has a huge Arabian Sea coastline with regular fishing activities. Popular beaches are Poovar Island, Kovalam, Mararikulam, Varkala, Alappuzha, Bekal, Vizhinjam, Beypore, etc. Each one has its unique landscapes. 

If you want to have a favorable beach experience, Kerala will lead in the comparison chart among other honeymoon destinations. 

Manali Activities:

If you visit Manali in winter, you may enjoy a lot of activities you wish. You may do ski driving while in summer you are open to doing parasailing, paragliding, water rafting, and trekking. 

Kerala Activities:

Here also you will be entertained with some different water sports. Kerala has been the dream place for trekking and wildlife. Backwater riding is also added to the list. 

For any other vocational activities, Kerala meets with different options, and it will cheer every couple on their first visit after marriage. 


Transportation is the main key by which you will pass adventurous roadblocks and reach your dream destination. 

Kerala transportation cost is quite higher, but you will enjoy its smooth and scenic roadsides with a unique landscape. All you need to do is to visit the best place to stay in Manali for your honeymoon in the right season. You should not miss this concern for the Kerala tour too. 

The highest concentration of hotels is found in both Manali & Kerala. You may prefer the specific inn and resorts as per your budget. 

Accommodation opportunities are not less in Kerala anymore, rather you will have a smooth vacation here. You may explore the forests and tea gardens with the help of a tour guide. Some backwater resort plays a huge role in visiting the Kerala jungles. 

Overall, if you have already been to Manali before, you may opt for Kerala now. However, the Manali travel agent is quite active enough to book your travel quite early. It would be worth trying Kerala for having a great honeymoon experience if you stay in South India. 

You would enjoy every opportunity given to you by TourTravelWorld. Both destinations are great with their class and view. For more ideas about travel in Kerala and Manali, you may seek some guidance from the internet. 

Have a memorable trip ahead!