Latest Tech Cameras for Your Home Security, Car Reverse Gears & Monitoring

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2020 is the year where the focus of companies is on innovation. They are using new technologies to add innovative features to their products in order to make them stand out. Wireless camera is one of this innovation.

These cameras allow devices to connect it to without needing a cable. It enables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option which makes connection with other devices easier. These cameras have been increasingly used for security purposes.

By installing it in home and connecting it to a device, people can easily keep a check on their house. Other than that, wireless backup camera is also being used in cars for safety purposes.

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Blink XT2

This camera is basically designed for security purposes. It is considered to be inexpensive for its amazing features. It comes with two batteries and includes weather resistance which means it can be used indoors as well outdoors. The video resolution for this camera is 1080p which is quite good. The cloud storage is also free for good two hours.

Wyze Cam

This wireless camera is way too cost effective, but that does not mean it lacks in features. It is available online at Amazon for just 25$ which is very inexpensive for a wireless camera. The videos are of 1080p resolution which is great for the price. It includes a night vision, and does not operate with a battery. This camera can be used indoors as well as outdoors for security purposes. It enables free cloud storage for 2 weeks. It can also be used for creating time lapse videos. You can connect the camera to other devices to monitor what is going on around you.

Arlo Pro 3

It is the most famous among other wireless cameras. It is completely wireless and does not compromise on quality. What people like the most about it is that it functions without a power cord. Its video resolution is 2000p which can record even tiny details. The setup is quite quick and easy. It comes with a magnetic wall mount which makes installation easier. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. However, it is quite expensive. It requires you to purchase two cameras in order to get your hands on the base station which is considered to be a drawback.

Wyze Cam Pan

This camera is a cute small shaped indoor wireless camera. It is small in structure which makes it easier to fit it anywhere inside your home. It is most famous for its Pan Scan feature. This tiny camera needs as less as three seconds to scan a whole room. It’s another famous feature is the motion tracking which helps it follow every little action. The pricing is also very affordable i.e. it costs $40. One drawback is that it requires a power cord.

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Ring Stick up Cam

This is both an indoor and outdoor camera for $100. It is completely wireless which allows more placement options. However it consumes too much battery and recharge procedure is also difficult.