Can I Get Lens Coatings for Free?

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

When it comes to lens coatings, the more the merrier. You might have paid attention to what type of frame you want whether it is round, aviator or rectangular frame but seldom you must have checked which coating is best for your vision and your lenses. 

Is it possible to get lens coatings for free?

Yes, it is possible to get the essential protective coatings for free. A startup, Specscart sells glasses online and offline in the stores of Walkden and Bury and provides three protective coatings in all its glasses and sunglasses for free. Let us learn more about those coatings now-

  • Scratch Resistance

Using a microfiber cloth for cleaning and keeping the glasses in a case when they are not in use helps to keep lenses away from scratches.

But if you are still prone to breaking or scratching your lenses, this is the best coating for you. The scratch-resistant coating makes the lenses durable enough to withstand any injuries from keys, dust or rough surfaces. 

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  • Anti-Glare

While wearing prescription glasses if you have notified glare from shiny surfaces then you will easily be able to relate how it disrupts the vision. 

The anti-glare coating allows light to completely pass through the lenses, hence, providing a better vision. The lenses become easier to clean with this coating as it repels oil and water. 

For nighttime driving, the anti-glare coating helps in dealing with headlights and the halos around streetlights. Therefore, providing better visual comfort at night too!

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  • Anti-UV 

The harmful UV rays of the sun are responsible for not just damaging the skin but also the eyes. UV rays are the reason behind sunburn of the eyes, also known as photokeratitis. 

Anti-UV coating blocks UV rays of the sun. Just like wearing sunscreen is important for your skin, anti-UV glasses or sunglasses are equally important for your eyes. 

In addition to these coatings, the glasses are impact resistant. The only one coating which you need to pay for is the x-blue coating. This coating is meant for all those people who spend a lot of time in front of a digital screen.

The blue light filter coating is a brilliant coating which blocks artificial blue light from entering our eyes. It can also help you avoid the problems related to computer vision syndrome like digital eye strain, dry eyes, eyes watering and headaches. 

Specscart sells glasses and sunglasses which won’t feel like you’re putting too much pressure on your pocket. Starting at the price range of £25, the eyewear is not only affordable but also trendy and last-lasting. The blue light coating too is very economical and can be added to any frame of your choice. 

To avail all these services and benefits, visit the website of Specscart now!