Practical gifts for college students: fresh ideas 

Rohan Mathew

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 What do you consider to be the best present for the modern student?  Maybe, a ready-made essay or a college degree? Sounds good, yet let’s be realistic. Today, we have asked this question to experts from the custom essay help agency providing writing help and related services online. Who but writers working with young people know the proper answer?

Choosing a gift, first, evaluate your financial opportunities and the interests of the student. Professional editors from, providing essay editing services and academic paper editor assistance online note, that it is not a problem. Young people have so many dreams, passions, and hobbies that you will definitely find something useful. 

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The best gifts for college students

  • A 3D printed thing. The opportunities of the professional 3D printers are amazing. You can order a table lamp, an organizer for the desk, a phone stand, a flip flop organizer, a Baby Yoda figure, etc. The point is this gift is exclusive and custom made. Modern printing services enable us to add initials or unique details to the model. For instance, we ordered a 3D logo for, and we were really impressed by the result. Expert  3D specialists created all the items from scratch. 
  • X-box console. This thing is a desired dream of gamers, yet it is not very cheap. If you are ready to pay several hundred dollars for it, it is a perfect gift. And, by the way, you can come to your friend and play games together. 
  • Headphones. It is a good idea for those who have to study in the library and dormitory. Good headphones help to isolate from the external noise and concentrate on college papers and assignments. Buy reliable ones as low-quality headphones are harmful to health. Specialists of also often work in headphones, and they agree that this stuff is a must for contemporary people.  
  • A backpack

A modern, convenient backpack is a useful gift that stays with a student for years. Choose water-resistant models with enough place for a laptop and a lunchbox. Hide a pleasant surprise in one of its pockets. Something like a picture, where you are together, a key chain, or any other little thing. 

  • An individual kit

You can simply buy a box, decorate, and fill it with several items that your friend likes. It could be a book by his/her favorite English writer, sweets, sports accessories, perfume, that he/she usually orders, etc.

  • A water bottle or a thermos

Students drink water and coffee on the go. That is why these two accessories will surely come in handy. It is also a good alternative to plastic cups. You can order a personalized bottle with your friend’s name or a suitable motto. 

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  • A pillow-toy

This soft thing is associated with warm and pleasant emotions. One can use it in dorms, on a picnic, in an airplane, and even at the lecture when the professor does not see you. Do a little research and find out what the favorite animal of your friend is. Select the pillow in the shape of this creature. recommends cats as they are so cute. 

  • TRX straps

These bands are an awesome gift for both professional and amateur sportsmen. TRX straps do not take a lot of space; they are portable, effective, and multifunctional. 

  • A tent 

Give the student a tent for romantic adventures or just for fun. You may call it “the first private estate” or something like that. It is not compulsory to go hiking with it. The tent will come in handy for watching stars in the nearest camping.

  •  A board game

It is not only about good old Monopoly or Scrabble. Try Alias, Dixit, Lord of the Rings. These games are good for parties. 

Write some warm words on the postcard and add it to your gift. Your assignment is to express sincere feelings. Thus, you will leave a special impression. You can even turn to an online poetry service, and order a poem devoted to your friend. This company is similar to agencies providing paper writing assistance.