Life After Medical School: How To Choose The Best Job For You

Rohan Mathew

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You finally made it through medical school. All of the late nights studying and the years of honing your skills have prepared you for this moment; it’s time to enter the workforce and start changing lives. You thought the hardest part was over; but now, as job offers start rolling in from all across the country, you begin to realize that maybe your hard work has just begun.

Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals often face the exciting yet tough decision of choosing between multiple job offers. With so many medical jobs out there, and the healthcare industry growing exponentially each year, it can be hard to decide which job is right for you. Let’s discuss some essential factors to consider when you’re stuck between job offers and have to make a crucial decision for your future. 

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  • Work Culture + Personality

What will the job culture be like? When you’re searching for a specialty position, you should consider the culture you’re looking for as well as the personalities of your future colleagues. Do you love working with big personalities, or are you afraid they would cause drama? Do you thrive under pressure, or prefer working alone and unbothered? 

Following your instincts is very important in this area as there is no “right answer,” just personal preference. Think back to interactions you had with others on the phone or while you were interviewing. Choose a job culture that fits your personality so you can thrive in your new work environment.

  • Location

When deciding between multiple excellent job offers, the location may just break the tie. Picture yourself in your future practice. What do you do on your day off? Where do you go to get lunch? Some love to be in a small town, and some would rather work in a bustling city. 

The bottom line is, if you’re envisioning yourself at the beach on the weekends, you may want to go for the job in California and skip the practice in Tennessee. If you want to be in the middle of all the action, take a job in a city and not a rural area. There is no “right answer” here, this is just a personal preference and can help you decide between multiple offers.

  • Independence Level

Do you envision yourself making all the decisions in your future practice, or would you rather defer to your employer? If you are ultra-independent and would like to be involved in staffing and clinical decisions, you may want to take that into consideration if you’re looking at a job where you would be more of a follower. Your autonomy level is an important factor that may help you choose a job offer. 

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  • Scheduling

The medical field can be extremely demanding. Do you envision a flexible schedule at your future job? Consider what your personal life is like (or what you envision it will be like in the next 5 years) and ask yourself whether the scheduling of this new job is right for you. Your control over your schedule (or lack thereof) can help you decide between a good job and a great job for you. 

  • Potential

If you have a growth mindset, your overall potential at your future job is very important to you. Decide what your priorities are. Is steadily increasing your income paramount? Are you set on becoming a partner one day, or starting your own medical practice? Or perhaps it’s a priority for you to conduct additional medical research on the side? Consider which job has the most growth potential and can allow you to best create the future you desire.

Evaluate your priorities and pick the job that most aligns with your vision for the future. The job with the potential for both career growth and personal happiness will end up being the best choice for you.