Light up your space beautifully during the Advent season

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Light up your space beautifully during the Advent season

As we draw closer to Christmas, it is time to make sure that your decor is all ready to complement the Advent wreath and candles. Advent lighting is one of the most important parts of the Christmas festivities. According to tradition, on each of the four Sundays preceding the day of Christmas, an Advent candle is lit. And the candles represent hope, love, joy and peace. There’s absolutely no need to emphasise the importance of this Christmas tradition, and it is essential that the Advent wreath is housed properly in your decor.  

There are endless possibilities for the way you could light up your decor, but it is important to get the ambience right, as lighting is the most important part of the Christmas festivities. Christmas is a big celebration, and the lighting designs for your home have to be chosen carefully too. Be it the statement lighting that provides perfect illumination to the space with the wreath or the other lighting fixtures that complement the ambience, everything has to be perfect. Now, take a look at everything we have for you in the thoughtfully curated list that follows. 

Start with the space with the wreath and the tree

In a manner of speaking, the part of your home with the Christmas tree and the wreath becomes the sanctum sanctorum of your living space, and this is where you should go all out with the lighting designs. This is the place that will lend the merry vibes to your entire home. Start by decorating your tree, as that’s ultimately the element that grabs most attention in the room. You can use architectural designs like track lights and LED strip lights to add an effervescent touch to the space. While the advent wreath will already be surrounded by candles, it is best to leave it that way, but just in case, make sure that you have a light source around it so you can highlight that part of your decor with ease. 

Add a magical touch to your seating space

A Christmas decor is all about adding that cosiness and warmth to your living space. And what better way to do that than with ambient lighting designs. For the seating space, our recommendation would be to keep it simple with a table lamp or a floor lamp. Either of these lighting designs will do wonders for your ambience in more ways than one. Not only do these designs enhance the aesthetic value of your space but also add an unparalleled functionality quotient to your space. Your seating space shouldnt be too glary at any moment and you can even consider going with wall lights if your space is too compact and doesn’t allow a floor lamp or a table lamp. 

One last thing that you’ll need to highlight with your lighting is your christmas-specific home  decor. The decorations apart from the lighting are an important part of the festivities and you should consider emphaisising them with appropriate lighting sources.