Little Tricks to Become Popular on Instagram

Rohan Mathew

People are wondering how to get popular soon, I can’t help you to be liked by others in the real world, but I have some tips on how to achieve that on Instagram. Read below and have a try!

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  1. The descriptions must be interesting and captivating.

When you write image descriptions, you create stories. They like it. They’ll read. They are attractive.

Don’t forget the motivational, emotional side and the meaning of the post. Each of these three key elements must be found not only on Instagram, but also on any other social network where you are present.

  1. Use correct emoticons

Like it or not, each of the emoticons posted has a message. For example, the Emoji that means “you laugh so hard it makes you cry,” but it can be confused with a sad emoticon.

  1. Don’t post too often.

When I said before that we were going to give a little guide, I was talking about this – The magic formula:

1-1000 followers -> 1-2 posts per day

1,000-10,000 -> 2-3 posts per day

10,000-50,000 -> 3-4 posts per day

100,000-500,000 -> 5-6 posts per day

500,000 – 1.00.0000 -> 8-10 posts per day

  1. Use hashtags.

Don’t add irrelevant hashtags just because they are popular or you like how they sound. Try to use two-word hashtags like #HondaCivic, #RedLipStick. It is recommended to use 3-5 hashtags in the picture description.

  1. Positive emotions.

Instagram is one of the online communities where people come to get inspired and look for positive emotions. Give them.