Moyses Stevens – The History and Who They Are

Rohan Mathew

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Moyses Stevens first opened their doors in 1876 with their first ever shop that was located in London, Victoria. The story of this company is heavily embedded into history having been around for over 100 years. With an interesting background, Moyses Stevens has really been at the forefront of floral greatness and are famous for introducing the hand-tied bouquet. With the most beautiful and bright flowers for sale, their Berkeley Square Store in the 1920s was once described as a ‘veritable Chelsea Flower Show every year’. Since then they have maintained a high level of artistry through their work with luxury flowers. All of the work that they produce is of an extraordinary quality which is why they are known as London’s most prestigious florist.
The phrase ‘up to Moyses Stevens standard’ didn’t just come from anywhere. The work that they do has always remained perfect as they only employ the most skilled specialist florists who have extensive experience in the world of floristry, with incredible knowledge of all aspects. The company itself take great pride in their history and heritage and always try to ensure that this is shown through the designs that their florists hand-craft themselves. Awarded two royal warrants for the impressive work that they produce, one by the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and from His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, they are known for their contemporary designs but also keeping it quite traditional. They are able to create a modern twist in what they do whilst also staying true to their roots by incorporating heritage and classic styles which is seen throughout every bouquet and floral arrangement.

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Regular participants at the Chelsea Flower Show, their designs are truly a work of art which is evident in their stores and by what they produce for private events and even the St Pancras Christmas Tree in 2017 which was met with a huge amount of praise. All of the bouquets that are made by their florists are hand-tied into flower bags that clearly display the Moyses Stevens logo and also the royal warrant. They are then carefully wrapped up in clear cellophane, soft white tissue and tied together with the famous ‘Moyses’ ribbon that is inscribed with their name and also features the company colors. To ensure the flowers remain in as good condition as they were when they left the shop Moyses Stevens only use well trained drivers who know how to handle flowers, some of them even being former florists.

With same day flower delivery London, and next day flower delivery UK service, Moyses is committed to keeping its exceptional high standards of floristry. The service you receive from Moyses Stevens will always be the best, whether you’re shopping online or in store, their reputation is renowned all over the UK and they even have international acclaim.
After starting off all those years ago with just one shop, they have now expanded with over 5 stores in London and an incredible Flower School. Their shops are based in the most exclusive parts of the Capital with their luxury flowers on full display. Their Belgravia branch for example, features the most vibrant and bright colors with the rest of the interior being left simple so that the flowers can take center stage. Their designs in each of their branches have become one of the sights for tourists and are now one of the most photographed florists thanks to their extravagant designs. Moyses Stevens continues to flourish in what they do. Bringing beauty and luxury to its customers who are based all over the UK, they create bespoke pieces for their top clients. Producing work for corporations, events and individuals, they really are leaders in British Floristry and floral design.

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