Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

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Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are the magical result of modern cannabis innovation. They blossom into the same award-winning indica crops that wowed judges in the 1993 High Times Cannabis Cup

The only difference?

These cannabis seeds contain ruderalis genetics, so they bloom into autoflowering plants that aren’t reliant on light schedule changes. You’ll get the same potent flowers oozing with sweet n’ spicy flavors, syrupy resin, and loads of THC.

The best part?

You can sow Northern Lights auto seeds throughout the year, so you’ll have a never-ending supply of potent indica bud. Read on to discover why Northern Lights autoflower seeds are a grower’s dream, what they offer, how to grow, and where to get them.

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Northern Lights autoflower seeds description

Northern Lights auto seeds are the genius outcome of crossing the original Northern Lights strain with a ruderalis variety.

No one knows for sure, but many believe Northern Lights first hit the cannabis scene in the mid-80s, although its rumored existence began in the 1970s. It’s an indica-dominant cultivar with legendary genetics from two landraces: Afghani and Thai.

Just a few tokes of Northern Lights auto weed sends your mind to euphoric new dimensions, melting stress, plastering a smile on your dial, and leaving you deeply relaxed.

With added ruderalis traits, Northern Lights autoflower seeds put a new spin on an old-school classic. The plants retain all of the same stellar qualities of the original strain—only they’re non-photoperiodic.

What does that mean exactly? 

Unlike Northern Lights auto crops, regular cannabis plants are photoperiodic. They rely on uninterrupted periods of darkness to enter the flowering stage—when they start producing buds.

Mother Nature takes care of this in the wild when the days get shorter and the nights longer. Indoor growers have to change the light schedule manually. 

Northern Lights auto plants flower automatically, according to their internal clocks. They don’t need adjustments to the light cycle. As such, you can cultivate these plants all year round, indoors or out. 

Besides Skunk #1 and Haze, Northern Lights is a significant contributor to modern cannabis culture. The strain has dominated competitions, parented countless hybrids, and set the standards by which indica strains are evaluated.

The plants produced by Northern Lights autoflower seeds are the epitome of an indica cultivar—compact, luxuriant, and sturdy with a tight internodal structure. 

Reaching a height of about 3–4 feet, Northern Lights auto crops are perfect for limited spaces and stealth growing. The lush foliage is a deep forest green, characterized by broad fan-shaped leaves. 

When harvest time draws near, the frosted, cone-shaped buds show off deep purple hues, sienna-colored pistils, and a delectable resin stickiness. When cured, the nugs exude honey-and-musk aromas with an underlying earthiness that go largely unnoticed while growing. 

The low odors and easy-growing traits combined with high resin production and lightning-fast yields make Northern Lights auto a must-have. 

With Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds, you don’t have to worry about male crops decimating your yields, either. Their Northern Lights auto feminized seeds promise an all-female sea of plants at a 99.9% rate.

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Northern Lights autoflower effects

As a pure indica hybrid, Northern Lights auto is famous for its intensely euphoric and relaxing effects. It’s not the kind of strain you’d use for daytime tasks and busy activities. Instead, Northern Lights auto is best kept for lazy afternoons, quiet weekends, and chill time after work. 

It boasts a moderate THC content of 12%–16% and under 2% CBD. The kaleidoscopic effects kick in shortly after your first few tokes. A wave of euphoria hits, washing away bad vibes, gloomy thoughts, and the day’s worries. 

The world seems a little brighter and a lot more vivid than before. Your mood lightens, your mind eases, and your body relaxes as Northern Lights auto leaves you with a profound sense of serenity

Colors, sights, and sounds become pleasantly appealing while musings wander freely around your skull. It’s the perfect time to turn on some music, catch your favorite show, or bask in the late afternoon sun. Grab some snacks while you’re at it because the munchies are bound to kick in.

After a while, Northern Lights auto shows off its true might as it sends your body on a one-way ride to Couch Lock City. Pent-up tension, achy bones, and sore muscles become a distant memory as a cocoon of comfort wraps your body in utter bliss. The experience often culminates in a deep, satisfying slumber.

Northern Lights auto is also a popular strain among medicinal users, thanks to its stress-busting, anxiety-ridding, and depression-blasting effects. It can bring immense relief to those who have insomnia, chronic pain, appetite loss, and muscle spasms, too. 

Northern Lights auto isn’t for the faint-hearted, so keep an eye on your dose, or you’ll end up knocked out from the get-go. While cottonmouth and dry eyes are common side effects, overdoing it could lead to bouts of paranoia, anxiety, headaches, or dizziness.

Negate these issues by sticking to moderate doses, drinking enough water, and keeping some eye drops handy. 

Northern Lights autoflower flavors

Northern Lights autoflower buds exude uniquely sweet and spicy aromas with flavors rivaling the most exquisite delicacies. The nugs are a lot more potent once cured, but while growing, there are subtle notes of earth, pine, and fruit.

Grind the buds up, and you’ll notice the unmistakable earthy sweetness of Aghani. Thai’s skunky, fruity tang also shows up, resulting in a musk-and-honey aroma with a dash of juniper.

Northern Lights auto is slightly different but just as enticing on the palate. As you exhale the sweet, creamy smoke, you’ll notice lingering candy-like flavors with lime, pine, earth, and spice nuances.

How to germinate Northern Lights autoflower seeds

There are various ways to germinate Northern Lights autoflower seeds, each with pros and cons. Whichever method you choose, your equipment, materials, and environment must be sterilized and germ-free.

Like all cannabis seeds, Northern Lights autoflower seeds are incredibly delicate. Harmful bacteria can quickly infect and destroy them before they have a chance to sprout.

Keep the above in mind and check out these popular germination techniques:

Peat pellets or stone wool blocks

Peat pellets cost a bit of money, but they’re convenient and simple. All you do is presoak them in purified water before placing your Northern Lights autoflower seeds inside.

After a couple of days, you should notice taproots appearing. You can then plant the pellets directly into the soil. Stone wool blocks are a suitable alternative for a hydroponic setup. They work the same way as peat pellets.

In either case, keep your blocks or pellets in a temperature-controlled environment. Some growers store them in containers with lids until the Northern Lights auto seeds are ready for planting.

The paper towel technique

The paper towel method is straightforward and effective. All you need is a couple of paper towels, two dinner plates, some bottled water, a pair of sterilized tweezers, and your Northern Lights autoflower seeds.

Wet the paper towels with the water, making sure they’re not soggy or dripping wet. Lay one sheet onto a dinner plate before spacing your cannabis seeds out with the tweezers. Leave about an inch between each one and cover them with the second sheet.

Next, place the second dinner plate over the first one and store your Northern Lights auto seeds in a warm, dark place. They take about 1–5 days to sprout. During this period, check up on your marijuana seeds and keep them moist the entire time.

Using a glass of water

This technique is also simple, but it’s not always successful. Use purified water to fill up a glass or bowl about halfway. Drop your Northern Lights auto seeds into the liquid, which should have a temperature of around 70°F.

Keep the glass or bowl in a safe, dark place for 1–5 days. Once your cannabis seeds sprout, gently transfer them into seedling containers. Take care not to damage the soft, delicate taproots.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds grow information

Northern Lights autoflower feminized seeds produce resilient plants that are mold- and pest-resistant. Although this auto version is slightly different, it retains the original strain’s beginner-friendly and unfussy growing traits.

It goes from seed to harvest in just 13 weeks and grows throughout the year (in ideal Mediterranean-like conditions, that is). Because Northern Lights auto crops mature incredibly fast, they can’t recover from stress as well as regular, photoperiodic varieties.

One small rookie error could derail your cultivation efforts, leaving you with injured plants and reduced yields. As such, it’s best to have some experience under your belt before tackling Northern Lights autoflower seeds. 

Apart from that one caveat, though, growing these plants is a hassle-free experience. They flourish indoors or out and adapt to just about any growing medium. Nutrient-rich organic soil, a hydroponic setup, or inert media like peat moss or coco coir are excellent options.

Here are a few Northern Lights auto growing tips:

  • Avoid transplanting

Plant your sprouted Northern Lights autoflower seeds directly into their forever homes. By doing this, your crops won’t undergo the stress associated with transplanting them at a later stage.

  • High-stress training (HST) is out of the question

Northern Lights autoflower plants won’t have enough time to recover from the stress or injury caused by HST techniques. Instead, stick to low-stress training methods like gentle branch bending.

  • Prune your crops regularly

Trim any non-essential leaves obstructing light and airflow to the bud sites of your Northern Lights auto plants, especially at the lower regions. Regular pruning during the vegetative stage encourages bigger, better buds.

  • Use the yield-boosting Sea of Green (SOG) method

This indoor technique works exceptionally well with Northern Lights autoflower crops. It maximizes space while promoting equal light exposure and better airflow to the bud sites.

Keep your Northern Lights autoflower plants happy, and they’ll reward you with 12–17 oz. of gluey bud per m² indoors. Healthy outdoor crops yield around 2–5 oz. of flower each.

Northern Lights autoflower genetics

Northern Lights autoflower seeds contain stable old-world genetics from two powerhouses: Aghani and Thai. Breeders then crossed the strain with a ruderalis, resulting in this auto version. 

Here’s a peek into the Northern Lights auto strain family tree:

  • Afghani is an ancient indica landrace known for its insane resin production, high THC content, and signature sweet, earthy flavors. It’s the genetic backbone of countless hybrids, including Skunk #1, Blackberry Kush, and California Dream.
  • Thai is another hard-hitting landrace famous for its energizing sativa traits, citrus tang, and fruity aroma. It’s also parent to hybrids like Haze, Purple Thai, and Trainwreck.
  • Ruderalis is a hardy, non-photoperiodic, and low-THC landrace found in Asia and Europe. It gives Northern Lights autoflower its ability to flower automatically while keeping the original strain’s traits intact.

Where to buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds 

If Northern Lights auto seeds sound as magical as the northern lights, then it’s time to get your hands on some. Make sure your local laws allow cannabis cultivation, though. If not, you can buy ungerminated Northern Lights auto seeds as keepsakes or collector’s items.

Where can you purchase Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the USA?

There are hundreds of dispensaries and online seed banks out there. You’ll want a company that stands apart from the rest with aspects like:

  • Proven customer service and secure door-to-door delivery
  • Top-shelf, genetically stable Northern Lights autoflower seeds
  • Regular promotions and a rewarding loyalty program
  • A platform to share questions, stories, and advice with fellow growers
  • Tools to track your cultivation journey from seed to harvest
  • Access to educational content like guides, tips, videos, and podcasts

It sounds like a tall order, but experts like Nikki & Swami, Kyle Kushman, and Steve DeAngelo at Homegrown Cannabis Co. will tell you that weed growing is an ongoing journey

When you buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds, you’ll want the best quality, service, deals, and resources available for the best possible harvests.

Let Northern Lights auto seeds mesmerize you

Northern Lights autoflower seeds tick all the right boxes. They’re fast-growing, resilient, and full of promise. The picture-perfect purple buds ooze with syrupy resin and a delectable spicy sweetness.

If that’s not enough to dazzle your senses, the effects most certainly will. Northern Lights auto lifts your spirits, sends your mind soaring, and wraps your body up in total bliss.

It’s a sublime experience, one that you can have over and over with your own never-ending supply of delicious bud. Just make sure you buy your Northern Lights autoflower seeds from a stellar seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co.