Why should you use an SSD?

Rohan Mathew

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As we live in a very fast paced century, where time is the most important thing, it is only natural that technology has evolved to fulfill this need for us. This transition to Information Technology too. The 2010s were witnesses of great improvements in terms of IT and especially computers. New PCs and laptops appeared on the market, each with new upgrades over the past ones. With all these fast evolving machines, good old HDD was having a hard time keeping up at a high level. It is now when the SSD will make its debut on this great scene of technological “miracles”.

Although at first glance, people will still be more obliged into a more conservative state of mind. And so choosing something they already know, here in our case HDD, will still be their first choice. And you can’t blame them for doing this, when they were released on the market, SDD would offer very limited storage space in comparison to HDD, with much higher costs overhaul.

With time, though, solid state drives prices have decreased, gaming industry being one of the main beneficiaries, but still everybody would benefit from switching to an SSD. Still a debate is circulating, and I will try to shed some light on this matter with this article.

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SSD are way faster than HDD

As they don’t require moving parts from the computer in order to function, it is obvious that they will have an edge in speed over HDDs. Basically they will start the moment you press the command. The booting time will greatly improve if you will have your operating system installed on it.

In gaming, SSD won’t give you a noticeable advantage over HDD in terms of framerate, but still games can benefit from it in other ways. If your game is installed on it you will have faster booting time. We do need to take notice that it will still vary from PC to PC, but it should work faster than a traditional hard drive. With that said, the value of an SSD is still a high one, just because you “win” some seconds (or even minutes) from your precious time.

They are more durable

As I already mentioned before, in order for an HDD to function properly it needs to be moving small parts, and so, all this moving will eventually generate heat. We all learnt at school that exposing an object to an surse of heat for long periods of time will eventually damage it. This applies to the old HDDs too, their hard drive will fail, in the wrong moment too. As an SSD function using an integrated circuit for data storage you won’t have to worry about those kinds of “tragedies”. You will be able to play in peace online slots games or whatever you are playing without fearing that you will lose your progress.

Another great thing about SSD is that it is more shock resistant than its counterpart. Being free of small parts any physical damage will harm it less. 

You can use SSD and HDD together!

Although maybe I gave you the wrong impression that you need to choose between one of them, this is not true! You can still use them both at the same time. It is quite recommended to do this, as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While Hard drives are slower, they still come with a higher space and at a more advantageous price. Sure the speed is in favour of SSDs, that’s why you can use it only for your most important programs and games. And for your operating system of course. Thus, the best idea for you will be to use a cheap SSD (250-500 GB) in pair with an 1 TB or higher HDD. With this you will maximize both the storage capacity and the performance. 

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What if you want to put your games on it?

Well the answer is quite difficult, it will always vary from person to person. As I said before, your games will, indeed, load quicker on SSD rather than the ones installed on HDD. And so, yes, you definitely want to do this if you have enough space on it! The problem intervenes when your storage space is limited. What you want to do then is to prioritize your most played games and programs, all the others will remain on HDD.


As SSD are foretold to continue to evolve even more in the next year and with this the prices will start being even more affordable, my advice for you is to transition as fast as you can to an SSD. You will thank me later!