Offbeat Jewellery Trends This Season

Rohan Mathew

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Bored of the same old jewellery? It is time to turn your attention to some of the trendiest and funkiest offbeat jewellery trends that are rocking the fashion world this season. 

GS Diamonds a Brisbane Jewellery Store says while there are classic styles, trends in the jewellery industry are constantly developing. With custom jewellery becoming more accessible, people are starting to put more of their own personality into the jewellery they wear, and this is showing in some quite unique trends.

Below, we have scooped out some of the most lovable offbeat jewellery trends you too can try. Take a look!

  • Riot of Colours

Experimenting in jewellery met with riot of colours this season. From hot pink and royal blue to sparkling white and glittering gold, offbeat jewellery is taking every colour route to bring diverse vibes. 

You can also mix and match these colours to make some interesting style statements via your attires. However, be wary of over-doing it. The colours should be specifically planned according to your attire. 

  • Mix-matched Earrings

The trend of mix-matched earring is also coming back slowly. And this time, you do not have to follow any rules. Look for unique earrings design online and pair them up as per your style and attire, Check here.

You can also do that same with minimalist earrings. For instance, if you have multiple piercings, you can take up different shapes of colours of minimalist studs and wear them. What more? If mixing isn’t your thing, you can also try solo charms to add a bold look. 

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  • Chained Necklaces

If you have been on Instagram and other social media channels, we are sure you have noticed how multilayers necklaces are in the vogue. But there is also one more offbeat jewellery that is gathering fans all over the world – chained necklaces with bold pendants. Yes, these are heavy necklaces, often golden, with pendants that give you and edgy and gothic look. 

Some of the pendants are locks, safety pins, keys and even small blades. In case you love the e-girl vibe, you ought to have one such necklace in your jewellery collection. 

  • Funky Nose pins

Yes, nose pins are back – or you can say – they never left the fashion world. Nowadays, you can find plenty of unique and funky nose pins on the fashion influencer’s radar. In fact, some of them are so unique, you would not have even imagined nose pins to be so trendy and modern. But that is how these offbeat jewellery pieces are. 

From septum rings to geometrical patterns, there is a lot you can explore. And if you are not so sure about the funky styles, you can also try small diamond nose pins for girls. Once you are comfortable with nose pins, you can move on to experimenting with their styles and sizes. 

  • Layered Bracelets

You may have seen people wearing layered bracelets but now you can see people wearing layered bracelets that have designs you have never seen before. The colour of such bracelets and the trinkets of charm bracelets are also changing. 

You can also buy special bracelets containing your birth stones or the chunky pieces that are meant to add personalized touch to the jewellery. This is why such offbeat pieces are also great for gifting purposes. 

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Extra Tips

Other than jewellery trends mentioned above, you can also try unique ideas to create your own distinctive style. Here are some extra tips for that: 

  • Pick offbeat colours for your jewellery pieces and it will instantly add an eccentric look to your ensemble.
  • Make a statement with rare stones and gems.
  • Go for heavy gold-chained necklaces if you wish to keep it simple yet bold.