How Does Wi-Fi Work?

Rohan Mathew

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The wireless networking technology that allows portable devices, computers, and other equipment to connect to the internet is known as Wi-Fi. Remember the days when a device’s link to the internet was made through a tangle of local network cables.  Wi-Fi router works similarly to these connectors, but it works wirelessly and much more easily.

Wi-Fi is now an indispensable component of our fast-paced life. We no longer need to be connected to the Internet via wires. Wi-Fi router uses radio waves to transport data over channels between your device and a server.

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Wi-Fi Work:

Wi-Fi, is based on late-nineteenth-century scientific findings. Something wonderful happens when electrons travelling through a wire swap paths on a regular basis. The current flowing in the first wire produces a radio wave that travels at the speed of light in all directions. The second wire receives an alternating current as a result of the wave.

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Fast service:

It’s possible that you’ll have problems connecting to a Wi-Fi router point at times. With increasing distance, radio transmissions become weaker. Radio waves can be weakened and obstructed by thick walls and even an aquarium. If the signal becomes too weak, communication becomes poor or non-existent. If there are too many Wi-Fi router in the area, your connection may be disrupted.

Since its introduction in the mid of twentieth century, several upgraded versions of Wi-Fi have appeared. It now has a maximum data rate of several billion bits per second, which is thousands of times faster than the previous version. This is why, in today’s world, we can hold video phone conversations over Wi-Fi.

Security of Wi-Fi:

You can restrict who gets access to your connection line if you own your Wi-Fi router. You lose the power of privacy when you send data via an insecure Wi-Fi connection, which means your data could be captured.

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If you communicate personal data, such as financial records, or sensitive documents over a public Wi-Fi network, there’s a chance it’ll end up in the wrong hands. Take a step back the next time you use Wi-Fi and consider the route your data goes through to interact with others, and take precautions to avoid using Wi-Fi dangerously.

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  • Working from home on a private Wi-Fi network.
  • If you own your Wi-Fi router, you should enable encryption for added security.
  • Only share your Wi-Fi router password with individuals you know and trust.


Several devices can connect to the Internet using a single Wi-Fi router if they all have wireless adapters. Wireless internet is convenient to set and maintain by router of Wi-Fi. They are also invisible; unless you are looking for a place to watch streaming video on your smartphone.

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