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Rohan Mathew

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There are many options available on the internet that you can use as PDF compressor sources. PDF compression is a very important task for those users who use PDF most frequently and share and save large amounts of data on their PCs on a daily basis. For those, this article gives some important things to make their job easy for them.

You must have noticed that there comes a time that you want to upload a PDF file on a website but you are not allowed to upload your PDF file due to the size of your PDF file. it says your PDF file size is more than the allowed size of this website. What you do then, you get upset right? But you should not get upset because that is not such a big deal to worry about. You can reduce your PDF file size by compress PDF file online, free of cost and within a few steps, you can say within a blink of an eye.

Going online to reduce the size of your PDF file is pretty simple and easy. In this article, we will discuss some websites that give services of PDF compression online for free.

Click here – Spectrum Internet: Low Income Discount There are a lot of websites that do the job for you, but this one is pretty simple and reliable for small PDF files conversion. If your PDF file is small in size that is less than 100 MB and 200 pages. When you get into the tool you find a button that says upload PDF files. But I think 100 MB of PDF file is a better option and it does not actually limit this website’s services. On the upload button, there are many options available like uploading your file from Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other website. 

If your file is located locally, then go on and click on upload PDF files and brows for your file. Upload your PDF file into the tool and you have two buttons now, get to the more options which makes you customize your settings for your PDF file. To customize your preferences, click on more options. Here you can select the quality of images in your resulting PDF file better than the original PDF file. There are three types of qualities: Medium, Good, and Best, if you want normal images and reduced size of your PDF file, then Good is the best option, so your quality may not be affected and you get a reduced file. 

next thing is image resolution (PPI), that is pixels per inch, based on your preferences select resolution option. Select the other two options according to your preferences and click on the compress PDF button. Wait for a while, while the website processes your PDF compression. Once your PDF compression is completed then it gives you multiple downloads options. Under the heading, your download is ready, there you see multiple options. 

You can save your file on your Dropbox account, your Google drive, you can share it through email as well, and you can delete your file. you can also download your compressed PDF file on your hard drive by clicking on Download option. Once you click on Download option, you can save your file wherever you want on your hard drive. Rename it, brows for your favorite directory and click on save button. Your file is downloaded on your device. Compare the size of your files and you will see a clear difference between the original file and the compressed file.

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One more thing about this tool which is worthwhile noting is that your files stay private and they get deleted after 5 hours from the servers. But it is highly recommended that you should not upload anything confidential like your accounts numbers, personal information that is not to be public and private information of your company. Even if a website say that your file will be kept secured and protected, do not upload your confidential documents on any website.